“Engine without accessories” Up to auction is this Lycoming R 1820 75B for parts selling as is and.

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“Engine without accessories”
Up to auction is this Lycoming R-1820 75B for parts selling as-is and pick-up only

The R-1820 Cyclone 9 represents a greater development of Wright P-2 goes back to motor 1925. With a greater displacement and a series of improvements, the R-1820 entered production in 1931. The motor stayed in production until entered good the decade of 1950. The R-1820 was constructed under license by Lycoming, Pratt & Whitney Canada and during World War II by Studebaker Corporation . The Soviet Union had acquired a license for the design, designated M-25, and Shvetsov OCK formed to continue developing the motor. The R-1820 is in the heart of many famous airplanes including the first Douglas airplanes (prototype DC-1, DC-2, before the versions civil of DC-3, and the limited production of the DC-5), B-17 Flying Fortress and SBD Dauntless, the first versions of Polikarpov I-16 (like M-25), and the helicopter Piasecki H-21 .

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Current date: 2014-09-30