1977 Maule Perfect for Fathers day! Wrecked re buildable 1977 Maule M5 235CAircraft TT: 1271Engine.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1977
Make: Maule
Perfect for Fathers day!
Wrecked/re-buildable 1977 Maule M5 235C
Aircraft TT: 1271Engine TT 1271Prop SMOH: 352.4
All logbooks from new.
The accident involved the aircraft veering off an unimproved runway in the backcountry. It happened on landing rollout. Damage to various airframe components and prop strike. Top wing skins removed for parts assessment. Damage appears to be limited to main ribs, skins, and leading edge....no evidence of spar damage. One fiberglass wing tip damaged beyond repair. Cowling - serviceable.Horizontal stab - serviceable(1) elevator serviceable, the other is damaged, but a replacement is included.Rudder - damaged, but a replacement is included.See related fuselage pics for condition.No rear seat or hardware.New fabric envelopes included with sale.
Not included:(2) KX 155KT 76A transponderKMA 24 audio panel
Current date: 2018-06-13