Are you looking for your multi engine rating If so, we at Six North Aviation are, for a limited.

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Are you looking for your multi engine rating?
If so, we at Six North Aviation are, for a limited time, offering your initial MEL rating for $2599 all-inclusive...we even pay the DPE fees!
This includes up to 7 hours of flight time, 5 hours of ground instruction, and the DPE fees! If 7 hours of flight time isn"t enough for you, additional hours are billed at $289 a hour wet, including the MEI!
No, we do not fly clapped out, 20,000 hour rattle trap airplanes or use 500 hour MEI"s! Our instructors all have at least 2000 hours total time and hold CFI-I ratings as well as MEI ratings.
Our DPE we typically use is regularly featured in "Flying" magazine and is considered one of the best DPE"s in the Country!
Our aircraft undergo typical 100 hour/annual inspections as well as progressive maintenance. They always are maintained issue free and 100% dispatch ready.
You will be flying 430W equipped S-Tec Auto pilot electric trim Twin Comanches will the small nose wheel STC, Cleveland Brakes, newer engines, new props, ect.
This is the plane you will train in!
Call us today! (630) 394-4757
Current date: 2018-02-08