“Disassembled Airplane Project. All parts seem to be included except the propeller. Seems to be a.

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“Disassembled Airplane Project. All parts seem to be included except the propeller. Seems to be a good clean airplane project with no signs of serious corrosion or serious damage history. Excellent project for a complete restoration. All log books incuded.”
Model Year: 1949 Make: North American Aviation
Navion Airplane Project I am advertising this airplane for a friend who does not use a computer. I will say up front that I have a lifetime of aviation experience with some time maintaining and servicing airplanes. I do not have an AP rating and I have little knowledge of Navion airplanes. I made a simple inspection of the airplane and it appears to be if pretty fair condition for its age. The logs are with this airplane and appear in better condition than most logs I have seen for an airplane of this vintage. The airplane was disassembled for movement. I thought the engine mount had been lost, because it is so different than a normal basket mount that I did not recognize it. The engine mount is included There is no propeller with the project. The photos of the project show the nose gear extended and the main gear retracted. All major pieces of the airplane seem to be included. The upper engine cowl parts and several faring’s are inside the fuselage. I have scanned the logs and this airplane has been located in Utah, Colorado, Western Pennsylvania. It has spent its time in areas that are relative dry and good for the perseveration of aircraft materials. I did not see any indications that it had been kept within 200 miles of salt water. The airplane has a very old paint and it appears that it spent most of its time on the ramp, not hangered. However, it appears in very good condition for an airplane of its age. I see no signs of any serious corrosion. With the ailerons removed, I could see inside the wings. I could see no corrosion where stringers were riveted to the wing skins. The photos show some red areas on the inside of the sheet metal in the cockpit that look a lot like rust. However, it appears to be the remnants of some sort of sound proofing and is easily removed with no corrosion under it. I saw no log indications of any serious damage such as gear-up landings, etc. and I did not see any serious damage mentioned in the logs. This project appears to be in good structural condition. There is an STC available to convert this airplane to an O-470 Continental engine. I believe it is an ideal candidate for someone looking to rebuild a vintage Navion. The airplane comes with engine and an extra engine that is missing one cylinder. There may be usable parts in this spare engine. The logs for both engines are included. The photos also show that there is an extra wing flap included Navion Airplane Project. Registration Number: N4982K Model: A Serial Nr: NAV-4-1982 Date of Mfg: 1949 Total Time shown in logs is 3145 hours (Last entry 1989)
Current date: 2018-02-07