“Overall good flyable condition yet being sold in NON flying condition unless the WINNER desires &.

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“Overall good flyable condition - yet being sold in NON-flying condition unless the WINNER desires & pays an extra $750 post-auction...This is my personal aircraft that an expert Aviation Crew (with NASCAR consultant "Tricky" Steve Morley of Morley Performance Racing Engines doing most of the work on the converted VW "HAPI/Great Plains" engine) - the engine alone is worth more than $10,000 and is VERY specialized to operate on Auto Gss only and some other "Tricky" special modifications that NO other Sonerai has - it's like a "Little HotRod for the Sky" - This aircraft can be flyable easily or will look AWESOME at your place of business too (I will also do my best to be at any "Grand Opening" or whatever where the aircraft”
Make: Experimental - Sonerai Model Year: 2012 - Rebuilt
2012 Aviation World Record Aircraft “Beans” (NO Beans About It) is available in this rare auction – this aircraft is also in the 2015 ALL Original Aviation Movie – Fly Now! (On Amazon & the Fly Now! Movie/TV Network)
A specific video with Major Kissinger working on the aircraft & it flying can be seen at FlyNowTV -dot- com & here -dot- com / 206390994 (just put those into your browser without the spaces, etc instead the words ;>)
“Beans” is a certified Experimental Aircraft created and flown under the USA"s Experimental Airworthiness Guidelines and has over 800 safe flight hours on the airframe & less than 150 on the current engine (a highly modified VW made specifically for Aviation use by the H.A.P.I. Company then modified by Steve Morley of Morley Performance Racing Engines – St Lou MO, USA with a special “Ed Stuber” wood/composite propeller specifically made for the engine).
THE ONLY reason for selling is that the owner/World Record Holding Aviator, Major B. K. Kissinger (U.S. Air Commando [“retired”]) & the Founder/Current President of Pax et Amor Inc (a Charity who helps feed/clothe/provide medical services to people worldwide) has decided to use different aircraft...
Keep "em Flying! Brian
Current date: 2017-05-23