“As removed from aircraft, engine with shown accessories.” This is your chance to own a real Rolls.

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“As removed from aircraft, engine with shown accessories.”
This is your chance to own a real Rolls Royce V-1650 Merlin Engine built under license by Packard motor car company in 1943.
Packard Built, Rolls Royce Merlin Engine as removed from Curtiss P-40F Fighter. This Engine was used on the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk, The British Hawker Hurricane Fighter and the Early North American P-51 Mustang and British Supermarine Spitfire Fighter planes.
From the USAF Museum, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio:The V-1650 liquid-cooled engine was the U.S. version of the famous British Rolls-Royce Merlin engine, which powered the Spitfire and Hurricane fighters during the Battle of Britain in 1940. In September 1940 the Packard Co. agreed to build the Merlin engine for both the American and the British governments, and adapted it for American mass-production methods.
The first two Packard-built Merlins to be completed were demonstrated on test stands at a special ceremony at the Packard plant in Detroit on Aug. 2, 1941. Full production began in 1942. In total 55,511 Merlins were produced in the United States for the Army Air Forces (54,714 by Packard and an additional 797 by Continental).
The Army Air Forces used the engine almost exclusively in the famed P-51 Mustang, for it provided greatly improved high-altitude performance over the Allison V-1710 engine used in earlier series of that airplane. The V-1650 Merlin also replaced the V-1710 in the F series of the P-40. The British also used Packard-built Merlins during the last three years of the war in their Spitfire, Mosquito and Lancaster airplanes.
TECHNICAL NOTES: Model: V-1650-1Type: 12-cylinder with two-stage mechanically-driven supercharger Displacement: 1,649 cu.in. Weight: 1,690 lbs. Maximum rpm: 3,000 Maximum hp: 1,695
I was told when I purchased this engine years ago that it had been removed from a P-40F Fighter in US Army Air Corps service for Scheduled Overhaul.I do not have any logbooks or other documentation. This Engine will need to be overhauled before being put back into service in an aircraft.No known or visible damage, no corrosion to speak of. Please look at pictures carefully. This engine is a wonderfully preserved time capsule. Complete as removed. This is not a hollow display engine.
This engine would be wonderful for an aircraft restoration project to return to flight or for an operating demonstration engine like Guy Martin in the UK built: here engine is for sale locally and I reserve the right to end the listing at any time.
It kills me to sell this but I simply have too many projects and not enough space or time. I hope this engine will be sold to get another aircraft flying again.
I refuse to sell this engine to anyone wishing to use it for tractor pulls. This will be clearly stated in the Bill of Sale that it is agreed the engine will not be used for that purpose. Go find something else to abuse if that is your purpose.
Engine is already crated and ready to go. I suggest using Uship.com for economical shipping.
Happy bidding and please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. I will do my best to answer quickly. Thanks, Robert
Current date: 2019-01-07