“See Description” Piper 1968 1968 Cherokee 235B2520 TTSN190 Since Lycoming Factory overhaul in.

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“See Description”
Make: Piper Model Year: 1968
1968 Cherokee 235B2520 TTSN190 Since Lycoming Factory overhaul in 2001242 Since Prop Overhaul in 1999Annual completed 06/2014
****Crankshaft is affected by AD 2012-19-01 requiring replacement of the crankshaft no later than 04/2014****
IFR approved GNC300XLKY 97A CommGarmin 327 XpdrNarco Nav12 ILS/VORKA134 Audio Panel
Paint is faded except where it has been covered.Windows and interior are in good shape.
Meticulously maintained by Mangon with all logs. The annual has been done by Mangon Aircraft (a high end shop) for the last 13 years.
I could find no damage history in the logbooks.
Located at O69
Owner died recently. I am selling the plane for his wife.
Please email questions or call me at 831-325-3131
Please figure out how you will pay for and get the crankshaft issue resolved BEFORE bidding.
Lycoming will not pay for parts or labor for the crankshaft replacement. They will take the engine as a core with a value of $20,000 toward an engine exchange.
Please contact Lycoming or a distributor for engine/parts/repair pricing questions. Please contact the FAA for questions about a ferry permits.
Current date: 2014-12-11