“Excellent Condition” Piper Comanche PA 24 250 1959 1959 Piper Comanche 250 AFTT: 6443.80 SMOH.

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“Excellent Condition”
Make: Piper Comanche PA-24-250 Model Year: 1959
1959 Piper Comanche 250 AFTT: 6443.80 SMOH: 832.5 STOH: 54.32 Prop: 887.23 Times subject to change as aircraft is in regular use. This is truly one of the very best examples of this model aircraft around.. Purchased in 2011. Low hours. Flown daily. Excellent Avionics. All AD"s complied with. Annual due in March 2018. IFR Certified. Paint: Aircraft was stripped to bare metal and repainted in 2011. It has been always stored in a climate controlled hangar in the dry southwest Texas climate since I have owned it. A modern paint scheme was provided as pictured. Engine: Engine had 228 hours on it when purchased in 2011. Oil regularly serviced with Phillips X/C 20-50W. Oil analysis program shows normal wear. All cylinders were removed and serviced in 9-2015 due to a single sticking exhaust valve. Fine wire plugs were installed. New vacuum and fuel pump. Carb overhauled. Skytec starter and alternator conversion. Prop: McCauley 3 Blade Prop Model: B3D32C421-C. Prop has been dynamically balanced by Byam Propeller in Fort Worth, Texas. Airframe: All avionics wiring has been replaced including wiring to battery box. New stainless steel battery box installed at the time. Stabilator horn AD completed with new 1000hr horn installed. New style Piper rams horn yokes with A/P disconnect. 60 Gallons of Fuel. All new upgraded rotor and brakes system. Goodyear Flight Custom III tires. Avionics: Custom STC"d Ron and Johns Panel with drawings provided. Center stack radios replaced older side stacks. Standard IFR configuration gauges with dimmable light rings installed.Audio Panel: Garmin 347 with flight recorder. Allows for playback of last several ATC transmissions when missed. Very nice feature. Marker beacon light system. Aux stereo music inputs with crew isolation provided. XM radio input from aux Garmin 696. Skywatch 497 audio warnings. Terrain audio warnings. Dual PTTGPS: Garmin 530 WAAS NAV/COM coupled to S-Tec auto pilot and indicators.NAV/COM: King KX-155 with glideslope and indicator. Coupled to S-Tec autopilot. Transponder: Garmin 327.Engine Monitoring: JPI engine monitor with fuel flow coupled to GPS. Provides EGT, CHT, Oil Temps, Shock Cooling, and redline indications. JPI 450- 2nd Fuel flow coupled to GPS. Horizon P-1000 digital tachometer. Traffic System: Skywatch 497 with separate display indicator. If you aren"t in ATC radar range traffic is not being reported to you. This system pings nearby transponder equipped aircraft and reports their relative distance, altitude and altitude changes without input from ATC. This system displays on it"s own proprietary display as well as the MX-20. If you are not in ATC coverage this system still provides traffic information that is accurate and reliable. This is a lifesaver. Weather: L-3 Stormscope WX-1000E with directional correction. When you turn the aircraft the displayed storm track moves on the screen with you. Garmin 696 hardwired into the aircraft yoke. Provide audio as well as power to the unit. Multifunction Display: Garmin /Apollo MX-20. Coupled to 530 WAAS and L-3 Skywatch. Autopilot: S-Tec 30 with GPSS Steering. Great IFR platform. Selectable input from either Nav-Com , heading bug, or GPS. with ALT HOLD. Recent maintenance items: Replaced less desirable Slick mags with Bendix mags. New harness. Added speed spikes to tail (reduces flutter at high speeds). Added wider speed spats to main gear areas. New brakes and rotors. New exhaust shroud and muffler. Fine wire plugs. This aircraft is rock solid and dependable. It can be flown anywhere and is a great IFR platform. I fly this aircraft to work most every day. It has not sat and deteriorated. I am selling because I have purchased another aircraft. I have never seen another Comanche as equipped as this one. I built this airplane to keep. Over $100,000 was spent in in avionics and panel upgrade. Many Comanches are available in the $80k range but they are not equipped and don"t look like this one. This is a truly rare bird. Don"t miss a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a great aircraft.
Current date: 2017-07-24