“Paint is at least an 8, Brand New Interior (50 hr ago), Very nice Radios. Lots of NEW PARTS.Read.

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“Paint is at least an 8, Brand New Interior (50 hr ago), Very nice Radios. Lots of NEW PARTS.Read More...”
Make: Piper Model Year: 1976
You can buy a cheaper 1976 PA28 Warrior and you will get a cheaper Warrior.This one has been updated throughly within the last 12 months.
TOTAL TIME is around 3,000hr and T.S.M.O. is Less than 300 hr. Overhaul was performed by Don. George who is a very reputable Shop and very well known in the Orlando (FL) areaat a cost of $15,000 +/-. I have the receipt in the logbooks.
TWO COMMS, ONE WITH GPS (needs the data updated) The KX 155 has a Nav connected to a KI 108, working.The self contained (top one) VOR works like my son: whenever it feels like it.You can come and fly out of my hangar in Kissimmee, Florida (KISM) with just a pre-flight. You just turn the key and fly home.
The times are APPROXIMATELY but not far from actual, and will probably Not change much.
Always either in an open hangar or inside a hangar.Excellent Condition. Paint is an 8 maybe 8.5 and interior is a 9.5 (to me nothing is a 10 unless is out of the factory)
1. ALL oil hoses were replaced with a NEW set (over $500)2. New fuel sumps, 3. Brand NEW INTERIOR has less than 50 hours. 4. NEW MAGNETOS (2), (less than 30 hours), 5. NEW ALTERNATOR will be installed tomorrow July 7th. I had installed one that was not working well and just got another NEW one.6. NEW STARTER (less than 5 hours), 7. NEW VOLTAGE REGULATOR (less than 2hr)8. NEW ALTERNATOR BELT (less than 10 hr)9. Corrosion X applied throughout 12 months ago10. Landing Gear (all three) were overhauled within the last 20 hours.11. ELT not due for another year12. Front Landing gear bushing replaced approx 15 hr ago.13. Very Good tires14. Radios were Replaced less than a year ago. It had analog radios, now all 3 are Digital.15. Tow bar16. New Battery +/- 10 months. We had plans of keeping it for ever and that is why we have kept a gradual upgrading and updating this Warrior.By now there is not much that would need to be replaced. The only thing I have not replaced is the Carburatoror the Vacum Pump.
It is not IFR. I had purchased a new Radio with the glideslope integrated and I still have it but it is not part ofthis sale unless you want to pay for it. It has never been installed, it is new.The Annual will be due this month. Depending on your offer I may get it annualed for the buyer.
I have tried to be as concise as possible but will answer any questions with the same transparent attitude.There are NO WARRANTIES EXPLICIT OR EXPLICIT. SOLD AS IS. $1,500 non-refundable deposit when you win it, the balance within 7 days when you pick up. This is understanding that my description and my answers to your questions accurately describes the a/c.
Pictures added are not Super sharp definition but are very clear.
You can just "watch it" but unless you are seriously interested that watch won"t help.We have invested a lot of $$ to keep it in nice shape and someone will enjoy it for many years.It is registered in 3 names and the 3 will be there the day you pick it up. (one of the names is my daughterfor personal reasons but she does not fly)If you just have a question, ask here on ebay, if you are REALLY interested you can call me 407-340-4104angel
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