“Newly renovated See description below for more” 2016 Potomac Airfield Hangar #15 Potomac Airfield.

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“Newly renovated - See description below for more”
Model Year: 2016 Make: Potomac Airfield Hangar #15

Potomac Airfield

n86121 (225 ) 100% Visit Store: Potomac Airfield Items On Sale Hangar #15 Available Now! (North side)
We can"t believe it, this Potomac Pilot of many years retired and sold his Cardinal...
Come by the airfield and check us out.
Hangar is open and available for inspection now. For immediate occupancy upon close of bid.
All Potomac private T hangars include concrete floor, skylights, electrical, flexibly re-relocatable overhead lighting...wet bar, jacuzzi, wall-to-wall shag carpet, disco ball (well, not really, just having fun).
Final photos above show light level from skylights w doors closed.
Vertical clearance 9 ft 4 in in Wingtip clearance 39 ft 6 in widePlease double check your aircraft wing and tail dimensions to assure fit
See notes below for requirements
Contact airfield for details... 301 248 5720
bigcheese@potomac-airfield.comNOTESLocation Potomac Airfield is located in close proximity to Washington DC and Andrews Air Force Base Familiarity and acceptance of TSA Special Flight Restricted Zone pilot (FRZ) pilot and operations is required If unfamiliar, please check applicable FAA NOTAMS & TSA security requirements It is easy, but a "security clearance lite" coordinated through the airfield and TSA is required
Terms Bid is for month-to-month rent on a commercial property Subletting is not permitted Bids and occupancy subject to Airport approval and acceptance Occupancy requires establishing good credit and automated account with airport Additional fuel club membership is required with hangar* (It"s a great deal, $18/mo for avgas at airport"s cost!)
Basic Requirements Bids Subject to airport approval and acceptance Bidder must be in good standing with Ebay, and pass prelim online validity check
Pilots Airplane owners/pilots ONLY Subject to and requires Airport and TSA approval Requires ability to pass TSA /FBI background check. See TSA 1562 if unfamiliar TSA/FBI fingerprinting can be done at the airfield or elsewhere, as required to operate in proximity to Washington DC If you will not pass TSA/FBI background check, we advise you do not bid
Aircraft For FRZ flight operations, aircraft must have an operable transponder Dead storage of non-flying "projects" is not permitted Flying airplanes need these hangars, and non-flying storage can be found elsewhere (for less) Experimental and other aircraft are fine, to be considered on case-by-case basis Contact airport to discuss 301 248 5720
Current date: 2017-09-12