This auction is for a FLY POD made and distributed by Flight Junkies. The Trike is barely used and.

Item specifics
Condition: Used
This auction is for a FLY-POD made and distributed by Flight Junkies. The Trike is barely used and in like-new conditions. Only 3 flights. I am an instructor and this was acquired by a student of mine who had to leave the sport for health reason. The trike has never been crashed. It can pretty much be adapted to any motor on the market. It comes with carabiners, "A" assist, and universal engine mounts. This trike sells brand new for $2,800.00. I am starting this auction like I do all my auctions, at $1.00, and will let the customers decide the final price. If you are in South Florida, please contact me for pickup arrangements. Customer is responsible for shipping arrangements. There will be a $65.00 Packing and Handling fee if the item is to be shipped.
The following information comes directly from the Flight Junkies Website:
Here are Just a few features of
The FLY-POD Trike1) The FLY-POD does not need tools to assemble or disassemble!2) The FLY-POD Trike Does Not require a Trailer if so desired. It breaks down incredibly small and fits into most cars, minivans, small pickups ETC…3) The FLY-POD assembles in UNDER 2 Minutes!4) The FLY-POD will accept ANY PPG unit on the market large or small, ANY BRAND !5) The FLY-POD has A-line assist which brings the wing up for the pilot by it’s self !
NO MORE HOLDING LINES WHILE TRYING TO LAUNCH! No need to wonder when to let go.
Launching with A-line assist does it ALL for you..
Perfect launches…AUTOMATICALLY !6) The FLY-POD has ARTICULATED front steering which actually “Self- Steers” to assist the pilot into the right direction. For effortless E-Z launches even for a beginner!7) The FLY-POD uses DOUBLE THICK , ALL STEEL construction. And because of it’s short size it is less likely to bend or break on hard landings…
EVEN WITH PILOTS UP TO 385 LBS !8) The FLY-POD has a Wide wheel base to prevent Rollover !9) Safety “POD” like protection around the pilot Same principle as dragsters.10) The pilots sits in The Safety pod of the FLY-POD and that Pod is ONE SOLID PIECE !IT IS NOT BOLTED TOGETHER WITH A TOP AND BOTTOM Like Others.
Nothing could be safer.
11) There are NO BARS OBSTRUCTING YOUR VIEW like those on some of the other brands!12) The FLY-POD, is Just a bit over 40 Lbs !
Which means you won’t need any Friends, Ramps, winches or pulleys to help you load it !Also…Your Take off distance will be a fraction of the others and…
Your climb rate will be FASTER
because you’re LIGHTER!!!And your Motor will last longer from not having to run full throttle all the time !!!13) The FLY-POD has multiple hang points for any weight pilot from 85 lbs To 385 Lbs.
Clip your wing to the designated spot for your weight and you’re done…IT’S THAT SIMPLE.
No More clamps to loosen, straps to adjust.
Just Clip and go!14) The FLY-POD has a telescopic front end to fit your desired height and comfort level.
Will fit pilots from 4ft Tall To 7 ft Tall.HAPPY BIDDING!!!
Current date: 2017-06-17