1950 Military Jet Fighter: F 84G Republic I recently purchased this Republic F 84G aircraft from a.

Item specifics
Model Year: 1950 Military Jet Fighter: F-84G
Make: Republic
I recently purchased this Republic F-84G aircraft from a museum who had collected many parts over the years. My intent was to restore it myself but I am just to wrapped up in my Lockheed F-104 project right now. The main fuselage / wings and tail are former Norwegian Air Force. There is a spare tailcone and other misc parts from a former Danish Air Force F-84 Thunderjet. These straight wing versions are quite rare. This particular example spent a number of years outside on display and obviously needs lots of restoration. There is enough there to put a museum or restorer well on their way to build up a nice static example. The fuselage and wings have not been cut! A worn out Allison J-35 jet engine is also included. Spare parts include: 2 vertical stabs, extra wheels and tires, 8 new instruments, 2 canopies (one appears pretty decent, an ejection seat, a box of fuselage fillet panels, a horizontal stabilizer and some extra nose gear components. An extra first 7 feet of the main fuselage is also included which is cutoff just before the cockpit.Located in Warren, MAINE. More photos at alexaircraftdotcom I also probably have the worlds largest collection of F-104 Starfighter spare parts for sale. Models to include F-104A, F-104C, F-104G, TF-104G and the Canadair CF-104 Starfighter.
Current date: 2017-09-22