1997 I am helping sell this for a friend. Unfortunately her husband passed away and no longer has a.

Item specifics
Model Year: 1997
I am helping sell this for a friend. Unfortunately her husband passed away and no longer has a need for the aircraft. The helicopter has not been flown in approximately 2 plus years. The fuel tank was empty when I went to look at it so I put in fresh gas and was able to get the helicopter to start right up(did need a jump start, the battery will need to be replaced). The jumper cables were removed once the engine was running and the helicopter maintained voltage. Once the helicopter was started I idled the engine up and brought the water temperature up to approximately 100 degrees. After that the increased the rpms and brought both the engine and rotor rpms to 100% and ran that way for several minutes. Everything sounded good(see the youtube links below, I apologize for the low quality videos the quality went down when I sent them from my phone) and felt smooth. Since the helicopter has been sitting for a few years and not being familiar with it I did not want to take the helicopter off the ground. The hobbs meter is indicating over 180 hours.
Noticeable things that should be addressed:Fuel lines have some crackingBattery1 Belt had some crackingFuel check valve/drain valve- has a slow leak
here am helping to sell this for a friend so all the information is what I visibly observed or have been told. The helicopter is being sold as is/where is with no warranty or liability implied or assumed by the owner nor myself. If you have any questions or would like more information send me a message and I would be more than happy to help you out.
10% deposit required within 24 hours from the end of auction.
If paying with a check the helicopter will be unavailable to be picked up until the check has fully cleared through the bank.
I do have someone capable of shipping the helicopter east of the Mississippi unless arrangements made prior to bidding . There will be a $500 handling fee to ship the helicopter as is(fully assembled with rotors). This will be used to brace the tail cone and rotor system. If the rotors are moved it will be a $250 handling fee. Otherwise send me your zip code and I can have him give me a price for delivery. The handling fee is only applied if my shipper ships it otherwise your shipper is responsible to load the helicopter from the ground.
Current date: 2018-03-16