1992 Robinson Beta 1992 Robinson Beta R22 Helicopter Serial #2159. TTSN 4,050 hours. 350 left before.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1992
Make: Robinson Beta
1992 Robinson Beta R22 Helicopter Serial #2159. TTSN 4,050 hours. 350 left before 4,400 rebuild, or 30 months remaining. No previous damage shown in log books and no evidence of any. All functions are perfect and fly"s as new. Exterior is a strong 10 and interior is a strong 8. New base coat clear coat urethane paint 6 months ago, you will not find any flaws in the paint. I installed vinyl P41 shark teeth to the front and rear which can easily be removed. (Just my preference and character). All glass is good with the exception of a 5" crack in left door glass which has been drilled out and no sign of changing. Helicopter spent its first several years in Southern California, then in Atlanta area before it"s present location in Southern Illinois. This is my personal recreational helicopter which I keep at my home. Look close at the photos, you will see a very nice R22. Maintained by the experts at Cape Copter, Cape Girardeau MO one of Midwest"s leading Robinson dealers. 20 months ago they found a small crack in the engine/trans frame so it was replaced with new from Robinson. Robinson also recommended replacing the tail cone along with the frame being they bolt together. I guess they jig these two components for fit at the same time. This was a $20,000 cost in parts alone which would be required at the 4,400 anyway. The 4,400 rebuilt will not require these two components, big saving on the future rebuild costs. This R22 is an excellent example of what one of the most popular helicopters in the world should be. One option this R22 does not have that many do is a heater. Being flown most of it"s life in Southern California it wasn"t needed. To be honest I have never really missed it. When I fly in the winter I only fly on sunny days and I have never felt cold when flying. Just my own observation that I never missed having it. I am not an AP but if you have technical questions the mechanics at Cape Copter will help answer any questions you may have. I had this chopper appraised concerning condition, core value, hours and months left before rebuild time. Also consideration of new engine/trans frame and tail cone. Please feel free to call me during day hours at 618-443-8055, I will help all I can in answering questions. Jan
Current date: 2017-09-14