1999 Rutan THIS IS AN AS IS, WHERE IS SALE N16FW 1999 Rutan Defiant Highlights:Its performance is.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1999
Make: Rutan
N16FW - 1999 Rutan Defiant Highlights:
Its performance is comparable to a Diamond DA42 Twin or a Beech G35/36...Check specs for yourself and compare with initial and operating costs of other aircraft and you will see there is just no comparison. It could be made faster, but currently does approx. 155 knots on 14.5 GPH without wheel pants (should be approx. +10 with wheel pants). Easy, fun and safe to build twin time. You can safely fly on one engine with this one! (but don"t take my word for it...check Burt Rutan videos on this plane on the web)
- Bought from original builder 12/2014- Per Rutan specs, but enhanced with right rudder pedals and winglet rudders, incl. builders log, and partial set of plans obtained from builder (complemented with printed copies from CD Plans)- Professionally restored and test flown by Freeflight Composites in Colorado- Professionally rebuilt (front and rear) O-360 180HP engines and carbs by Don George Aircraft to certificated standards (currently only approx. 35 hours on each), incl. new logbooks- New Hertzler props (front and rear) - approx. 35 hours each, incl. new logbooks- All new electric systems (front and rear) with 4 (2 front and 2 rear P-Mags P114), alternators, belts, plugs, harness, etc- All Full Dynon Panel (Dual 10" Touchscreens, Engine monitors for each engine, Transponder, Autopilot, ADS-B, ADHRS, GPS, Pitot Tube, and Radio, Dynon EMS, Fuel Sensors)- New side sticks (2) with integrated electric trim and auto-pilot disconnect- Refurbished Mooney front retractable gear- New canopy glass - Outside on primer (minor touch-up)- Interior Paint with original seat cushions in good condition- On tie-down, but covered with new spinner-to-spinner custom cover - Mooney tow bar- Located at KMMU (Morristown Airport)
- Many more updates...too many to mention....close to 250K has been invested between parts and labor!
Current date: 2017-10-09