1982 Experimental Experimental motorglider based on 15 meter Scheibe SF 25 with Limbach SL 1700EA.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1982
Make: Experimental
Experimental motorglider based on 15 meter Scheibe SF-25 with Limbach SL-1700EA engine.Too many projects and too many projects to finish before....This was a flying aircraft but was damaged from water in it"s trailer.The wings are repairable, but the horizontal stabilizer is rotten and useable for patttern and fittings. A Scheibe SF-25 Motorfalke tail will fit.
Aircraft is sold as parts as aircraft was written off and registration cancelled by owner. Pictures of complete aircraft are similar, but not this one.Owner and operator deceased and efforts to contact next of kin have failed to produce anyone. These "Parts" were purchased at an estate sale with bill of sale.Details of aircraft are as follows. Steel tube fuselage built in Germany and licensed as experimental US N-2778H Scheibe Hilderbrand Reiter sn/01I have sent pictures to Scheibe and they have never seen anything like it and have no knowledge of it. It appears that the fuselage was made 4 to 5 inches lower for lower drag and the seats more reclined.The Canopy is intact and I have repaired small cracks with Acrifix.The landing gear is retractable with air spring assist . single wheel.The Wings have good spars and fittings but need inspection and corrosion cleanup ans some hangar rash on the leading edge D tube needs to be repaired.The wings have a Birch ply box spar and spruce ribs. They also have reflex flaps that are a modification on the original wings. The Wings seem to have been originally made under license by Aeronautica Umbra and modified with flaps.The engine ran well and pulled rated static RPM several years ago and looks to be a relatively low time Limbach SL1700EA with Hoffman prop.The engine and Prop are worth the starting price.The controls and instrument panel are there,but have been removed for the build up.These parts can form a good basis for an experimental motorglider based on the Scheibe SF-25C. This is the only one with retractable gear and reflex flaps!I had fabricated a conventional landing gear from a Grumman Tiger thinking it would not be verh high performance anyway, but I flew Ton Knaif"s standard SF-25C and it"s performance was as good or better than a Blanik os I decided to keep the single retractable setup for less weight.I will add pictures next time I am at the airport as the parts are in boxes.Please contact me if you require any further information and I will try to provide it.The aircraft can easily be moved in a Uhaul 26 foot truck and could conceivably be loaded on a trailer, but the wings are 25 feet lone each and Heavy. I will help load, but not ship. Loading and packing buyer"s responsibilityLocated North Mobile, Alabama.
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