2000 Schweizer ~ 4312 hours total time since new (TTSN); logbooks from day one; component time sheet.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 2000
Make: Schweizer
~ 4312 hours total time since new (TTSN); logbooks from day one; component time sheet available upon requestJanuary 2019 Annual with 25, 100, 200, 400, 800 hr inspections, 12/24 month calendar inspections by Schweizer RSG (Penn Yan, NY)Rolls Royce C20W enhanced turbine engine with a fuel burn of ~ 22 gallons/hour3 person seating, baggage compartment, ground handling wheels, useful load of ~ 1100 lbsN360JF has been operated under Part 135 for almost it’s entire lifetime This is by far the best entry-level certified light turbine helicopter to fly and maintainNo cyclic or collective hydraulics to fail; dual starting/flight controls; cabin width is 6.03 feet The S-333 has the largest seating and safest crash resistance cabin with a bladder fuel tank (73 gal)This helicopter comes with a Garmin GNS 430, a second KT76A Comm radio and a KT76C transponder We can assist with transition training… if you can fly a piston helicopter, you can fly this S-333!No 12 year inspections, No 12 year calendar time-outs on anything besides greasing!For less than a new R44, you can fly your very own FAA-certified jet engine helicopter… Start-up/takeoff of the S-333: here the S-333: here handling the S-333: here n.b. An Airworthiness Directive that became effective April 11, 2017 for Model 269D Configuration A helicopters that required installation of a KAflex engine side coupling assembly P/N SKCP2738-9 and KAflex pulley side coupling assembly P/N SKCP2738-101 was complied with in October 2017n.b. Bleed control valve, 24 volt sealed lead acid Gill battery, linear actuator, engine/rotor tachometer and tail rotor retention strap were all recently replaced. From the component time sheet, the P.T. governor assembly (P/N 23007506) is the next thing that needs refurbishment after another ~ 154 flight hours
n.b. Available for sale separately from this listing is ~ $275K in Model 269D spare parts and ~ $12K in tools... the larger valued items include: 1) main rotor blade, 2) vertical stabilizer, 3) horizontal stabilizer, 4) lower pulley assembly core, 5) clutch idler pulley, 6) ring - droop stop retainer, 7) vertical attach fitting, 8) dual oil cooler, 9) generator relay, 10) cyclic stick assembly (pilot), 11) lateral trim motor, 12) MRT TAC generator, 13) N1 Percent RPM tachometer, 14) TAC generator N, 15) N2/NR engine tachometer, 16) oil temp/pressure indicator, 17) fuel gauge, 18) torque meter, 19) trim motor gearbox, 20) power governor actuator, 21) two latching cabin doors... approximately 80 spare parts in all. Again, these available spare parts and tools are not included with the sale of this listed helicopter (above); they are now available for sale separately!
AEROtitle (Oklahoma City, OK) will be used for escrow (and title search); buyer and seller will split these escrow fees which should be ~ $250.00 each. For international buyers who are not US citizens, you will need to buy this helicopter under a US trust account which AEROtitle can facilitate... in this case, the buyer will be responsible for all these US trust account set-up fees.Lastly, this helicopter is being marketed in other forums… and is subject to prior sale and/or removal at any time.
Current date: 2019-01-20