New Project Status SummaryConstruction is complete at the sub assembly level. It includes all metal.

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Project Status Summary
Construction is complete at the sub-assembly level. It includes all metal fabricated components, fiberglass components, as well as virtually all hardware to complete the final assembly. All parts have been carefully corrosion treated by phosphoric acid etch cleaning, alodine, wash primer and epoxy undercoat beforeassembly. Items not included are the engine, prop, instruments, electronics, wheels, and wheel brakes. The entire project is available for $50,000
Work Breakdown
The hull is finished, integrated, and waterproofed. The top skins, along with the fiberglass /windshield assembly are in place, but not riveted. All interior assemblies are fitted, but not yet riveted in place. The instrument panel is complete, less instrument hole cutouts. The control yoke, rudder pedals, and toe brake cylinders are complete and fitted.
The canopy is complete with windows installed. The design is the same as the Thurston drawing, but fabricated in epoxied fiberglass/carbon. The fiberglass canopy and tinted windows were molded on the same plug, resulting in a beautiful compound shape and perfect fit.
Tail Assembly
The tail assembly is complete. The horizontal and vertical stabilizer assemblies are riveted, and riveted to the spars. The skins are fitted and ready for riveting. The horizontal stabilizer and vertical stabilizer assemblies have been integrated to the hull and to each other.
The wing flap and aileron sub-assemblies are complete. The wing sub-assemblies, including the ribs and spars are riveted. Sub-assemblies are fitted together, but not riveted. No skins have been made for the wings. The flaps and ailerons are riveted but are not skinned.
Engine Nacelle
The engine mount has been fabricated per the Thurston drawings for a Lycoming engine.The engine nacelle and pylon have most of the structural parts completed. They have not been riveted or integrated to the hull. No skins.
Landing gear
All parts have been fabricated. Some welding complete.
If you have been dreaming about owning this type of aircraft, this project is well on the way toward making your dream come true.
Check out details at makani808.comProject can be viewed at Gibson Is. Maryland 21056
Current date: 2017-06-29