“Well maintained aircraft, ready to fly. Need nothing.” Piper Comanche Airplane PA 24 250 Instrument.

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“Well maintained aircraft, ready to fly. Need nothing.”
Piper Comanche Airplane - PA-24-250 Instrument Rated!
For your consideration. Piper Commanche airplane parked next to LAX at KHHR airport.
Few things are better after flying Cessna 172 than hearing an approach controller say to a Cessna Skyhawk, "traffic is a Comanche off of your left wingtip overtalking at 40 knots." :)
DESCRIPTIONSolid Flyer, Dual KX 155 Nav/Coms, Garmin GPS, Intervox ICS, Knisley Exhaust, New Lord Mounts, New Fuel/Oil Hoses.
AIRFRAME* Registration: N6203P* Serial Number: 24­1304* Airframe Time: 3,099 Hours Total Time Since New* Engine: Lycoming O540A1A5, 250 HP* 1,439 Hours Since Major Overhaul; 2,000 Hour TBO* Engine Overhauled by Pacific Continental Engines, Inc. 09/22/1975* Last Noted Compressions: #1 71, #2 74, #3 76, #4 78, #5 76, #6 74* TCM Overhauled Left Mag Installed @ 3,609 Hours Tach Time* Right Mag Serviced @ 3,348 Hours Tach Time
PROPThe logs show a prop strike, over 20 years ago, prop was since replaced and no issues since.* Propeller: Hartzell HC­A2VK­1/V84337 Two Blade Propeller* Prop Resealed by American Propeller Service, Inc. 11/12/2014* Prop Governor Overhauled by Sullivan Propeller Specialists 06/12/2006
EQUIPMENT* Audio Panel: King KA 134 Audio Panel* Marker Beacon: Airmarc 128H Three Light Marker Beacon* Nav/Com #1: King KX 155 TSO Nav/Com* Nav/Com #2: King KX 155 TSO Nav/Com* VOR/LOC/GS: King KI 209 VOR/LOC/GS Course Deviation Indicator* VOR/LOC: King KI 208 VOR/LOC Course Deviation Indicator* GPS #1: Garmin GPSmap 296 with Pilot Yoke Mount* GPS #2: Garmin GPSmap 196 with Copilot Yoke Mount* Transponder: King KT76A Mode C Transponder* Encoder: Narco AR 850 Remote Altitude Encoder* ICS: Nat Intervox AA80001 Four Place Intercom System with Standard Jacks* ELT: ELT with Panel Mounted Switch* Clock: Working Wakmann 8­Day Windup Clock* Sigma­Tek Artificial Horizon* Sigma­Tek Directional Gyro* Raidair EGT Indicator* CHT Indicator* OAT Indicator* Carb Mixture Temp Indicator* Lighter/Auxiliary Power Port* Pilot and Copilot Yoke Push­To­Talk Switches* New Aircraft Battery Installed 01/01/2017* New Engine Lord Mounts Installed 01/04/2016* New Knisley Welding Left Exhaust Installed 01/04/2016* New Engine Oil and Fuel Hoses Installed 02/01/2017* Brake Pads Replaced 07/19/2010* Bogert Copper Cables and Battery Box Installed 05/11/1990* Pushbutton Starter* Electric Gear* Manual Flaps* Stabilator and Rudder Trim* No Pilot or Copilot Toe Brakes* Manual Lever Brakes* Stabilator Abrasion Boots* Wingtip Strobe Lights* Pilot Storm Window* Cabin Heat and Defrost* Heated Pitot Static Head* External Ground Power Receptacle* Parking Brake* Battery Minder and Aircraft Adapter* Tow Bar
EXTERIOR* White with Blue Metallic and Red Trim and Accents* Aft Baggage Compartment Access Door* Condition 6 (National Aircraft Appraisers Association Exterior Paint Grading Guide)
INTERIOR* White Textured Vinyl Headliner* Black Plastic Window Trim* Black Tufted Vinyl Side Panels* Black Tufted Vinyl Pilot & Copilot Seats with Headrests and Lap Belts* Black Tufted Vinyl Folding Aft Bench Seat with Lap Belts* Forward Side Air Vents* Aft Cabin Side Air Vents* Overhead Map/Instrument Light* Forward and Aft Dome Switching Dome Lights* Overhead Cabin Speaker* Airtex P­4000 Gray Floor Carpeting with Pilot and Copilot Scuff Mats* Spacious Aft Cabin Cargo/Baggage Area with Hat Shelf* Condition 6 (National Aircraft Appraisers Association Interior Grading Guide)
INSPECTION STATUS* Inspection: Annual Inspection Due by 02/31/2018* IFR Recertification Due 08/2018* ELT Battery Replaced 2/2/2017* Bungee Replaced 2/2/2017* Log Books All and Complete* Repairs: Left Stabilator and Engine Cowl Replaced 02/23/1989* Gear Up Landing Repairs 08/05/1964, 08/2016
SPECIFICATIONSYear: 1959 Manufacturer: PIPERModel COMANCHE: PA-24-250Serial: #24­1304Total Time: 3,099 FlightRules: IFRNumber of Seats: 4 Registration: # N6203POverhaul: 1,439 SMOHIn compliance with all ADs.
Prop log: drive.google.com/open?id=0B-GTfp7pgrByaDh6OG82eTF0UmcEngine log: drive.google.com/open?id=0B-GTfp7pgrByMS04d1RDUUpNdmcAds: drive.google.com/open?id=0B-GTfp7pgrByWnBjanlvMHBCUGMAircraft log: drive.google.com/open?id=0B-GTfp7pgrByZkktc2oySGpiUmc
I can deliver it to your location or fly it with you for the cost of fuel and a flight back to LAX. Complete payment must be provided for delivery.
You get a lot of plane for the money. I am selling this great airplane as I am moving to a multi-engine aircraft with more seats.
Current date: 2017-08-24