“This is a Skybolt N98JE. This aircraft has a Continental IO 470 engine with 590 TTSN. This engine.

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“This is a Skybolt N98JE. This aircraft has a Continental IO- 470 engine with 590 TTSN. This engine has 260 horse power. The aircraft frame has 1556 TTSN. This aircraft is categorize as an experimental. Annual inspection was done 08/21/17 and is ready to fly home now. The propeller is a Hartzell constant speed. The aircraft was covered and painted with the Stits covering system. Everything runs perfect on the aircraft. This Skybolt is tuned in very well with the engine. I cruised from Florida at 160 knots with three fourths throttle at 10,000 ft.. The engine is not set up for inverted flight but can do any aerobatics you want to try. This Skybolt is very responsive and will fly very precise. This aircraft has all of your standard avionics, Transponder, radio etc. My name is David Handshoe and my phone number is 513-417-7121. You can also e-mail me at dbrenthand@aol.com for any questions. She is a beautiful aircraft and will make anyone happy to own her.”
Model Year: 1998 Make: Steen
Steen Skybolt open cockpit two person aircraft.
Current date: 2018-04-17