New Steen Updated 11JUL16 This project plane is located in Atkinson, NH. My father began building.

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Condition: New Make: Steen
**Updated 11JUL16** This project plane is located in Atkinson, NH. My father began building this Skybolt for my mother back in the 80s when she competed in aerobatics. He never finished it, and it has been stored indoors in the basement of their house. The fuselage and wings are nearly complete, but need covering and flying wires. The motor was bought as a core and is at TBO. The prop is brand new. My father has over $10k in additional small parts and accessories included in this sale. The only major items missing from this Skybolt are the flying wires, fuselage and wing coverings, belly cover not completed (TBD decision on aluminum or lexan), and a handful of minor accessories. We are asking $14,000 for this homebuilt. Depending on where you look, based on Steen Aero Labs prices this project would cost you ~ Fuselage $10000 - $20000
Wings $ 7000 - $20000
Engine $10000 - $17000
Prop $ 4000 - $9000
TOTAL $31000 - $66000 We are not looking to make a profit, just recover some of the money spent on motor, prop, and kit parts. We just want to get rid of it since this project will never be finished. Below is a listing of what we have. This listing and all additional photos can also be accessed at this Dropbox link: here Please contact me for more info or questions and once I determine you are a legitimate buyer and not one of the myriad scammers out there we’ve already encountered attempting to take advantage of my parents, I’ll put you directly in touch with my father. Thanks,- Paul -Instruments purchased from Wag-Aero: 2x sets (passenger and pilot panels) each have -Altimeter -Airspeed indicator -Manifold pressure gauge - RPM gauge While the pilot panel also has: -Amps & Volts meter -Cylinder Head Pressure and EGT -Fuel Pressure gauge -Oil Pressure and Oil Temperature -a G-meter -Two canopies: Both ordered from The Airplane Factory in Dayton, Ohio. While my father was working on the holding tracks for the first canopy it was resting on the Skybolt, but not attached to its holding track. The canopy slipped off of the Skybolt and fell to the floor, getting a small scratch on it. The scratch is easily sanded out and polished smooth so the scratch isn"t noticeable but he wanted a perfect canopy. He ordered a second canopy, which is new and untouched, with the manufacturer"s tag still on it.**(Update 6JAN15): the scratched canopy had been cut and formed to fit the cockpit. -Wings: Glued with T-88 epoxy by Chem-Tech. All of the wing spars and ribs are made of spruce, ordered as part of a wing kit from Wisconsin. -Fuselage: Has been kept indoors in their garage; my parents pulled it out to take the pictures for this ad. The 4130 chromemoly steel for the fuselage was purchased from the Dillsburg Aircraft Works south of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. -We have two fuel tanks - one is a 10gal tank that sits in the middle of the upper wing that is not internally baffled for inverted flight. The main tank is 24-26gal and *almost" complete. All it needs is the aluminum top welded on it. The main tank *is* internally baffled. -**(Update 17JAN15) Custom nose cowling from Rattray Aircraft Co. -We also have Cleveland 30-59a brakes and wheels. -Sticks and rudder pedals in but need finishing for braek pedal, cables control rods, brake cylinders (brake cylinders included). -Includes aluminum (2024) for complete cowl and sides to aft of pilot seat, hinges on both sides of cowl. -Streamline tubing for I struts and slave struts.
-Tail wheel (solid) and spring (flat)
-Stainless steel firewall -Engine: This is a used 260HP Lycoming I0-540-D4A5. The Serial Number of the engine is L-5906-48. First installed in Piper N6297P in Feb 1968, and removed on October 14, 1981. Parents bought the engine clean inside and dry - there is no oil in it. This engine was removed from a Piper PA23 on Oct. 14, 1981. My father bought it as a TBO core engine. He did NOT have it overhauled. It"s never been run or the engine turned on. It has just sat bolted on the Skybolt fuselage in their basement for almost 30 years. -**(Update 6JAN15): the SN# for the crank is 75038. -Also included are FI – Bendix Starter, Mags, Wire harness, Fuel pump (Boost Fuel pump (NEW) + Electric boost pump (Dukes 4140-00-37), and Christen 803 oil separator. -The included exhaust is custom made for this Skybolt. -Propeller: Brand new in original plastic and crate constant speed from Hartzell in Ohio. The model # of the prop is "F88477A-4", and the serial# on one blade is "F 53118", and on the other blade is "F 53109". The Cylinder Hub of the propeller is Model "B 2428 - 2" with its Serial Number being "CH" or "GH 2469". (my parents can"t make out in the logbook whether it"s "CH" or "GH." -We also have a prop governor and spinner. -Registration: Because it wasn’t completed, our Steen Skybolt has not been registered. -Miscellaneous: Set of brand new building plans for a Steen Skybolt in addition to the set that was cut up and used as templates. My parents bought an extra set of Steen Skybolt construction plans after their first set was damaged. This set is new and rolled up in a storage tube.
Current date: 2016-10-07