“This aircraft has been taken care of very well.” 1947 Stinson I have owned this aircraft for 5.

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“This aircraft has been taken care of very well.”
Model Year: 1947 Make: Stinson
I have owned this aircraft for 5 years. It has treated me very well, however I"ve moved to a larger plane, and there is no reason to have 2. The aircraft is located at Milwaukee Timmerman, KMWC. You are more than welcome to come and inspect in person. IT is also listed on other sites, I may end auction early. I fly it occasionally to keep the oil warm, and the TT will increase.
Arrangements for delivery flight can be made, I"m also a tailwheel CFI and can instruct for insurance requirements. (5-15hours in type significantly reduces most deductibles)
TTAF:2155.8SerialNumber: 108-3100 CofADate: 16 March 1956 Engine
Make: FranklinModel: 6A4-150-B3SerialNumber: 12262Date of Overhaul (24 May 2000): TSMOH: 1075.58 Propeller
Make: McCauleyModel: 1A170/DM7652Serial: 58119SPOH(if applicable): 542.9 2003TBO: 2000 Maintenance
Last Annual:2 May 2018Who performed last annual: Spring City Aviation, MWCCompressions: 76, 62, 75, 55, 68, 76Last Pitot Static Check(FAR91.411): 21 Nov 2018 Skycom Avionics KUESLast Transponder Check(FAR91.413): 21 Nov 2018Last ELT Check(91.207(d)): 2 May 2018. New Tires and Tubes October 2018New Battery October 2018
Condition: seats, upholstery and panels. 8/10 Carpet 5/10 Exterior
Last paint date: May 2001Condition: 7/10 Avionics
Garmin 250XL GPS/COMFuel Totalizer FP5KT76A transponderSigtronics Intercom 4 placeNarco Nav11 VOR AdditionalFeaturesSTC’s(if applicable):
Mogas STCSpin on oil filter. Upgrades: DamageHistory
YesorNo? No known damage history. 337’s?No known 337’s.
Current date: 2019-01-20