This CH 750, N33PY, was built with Professional Assistance from Tracy Buttles in Wisconsin to the.

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Condition: Used
This CH 750, N33PY, was built with Professional Assistance from Tracy Buttles in Wisconsin to the highest standards. The new design 115hp Lycoming IO-233 engine is lighter than the old O-235 it replaces & features throttle body fuel injection, dual Light Speed electronic ignition & Vetterman exhaust. The instrument panel with dual Garmin GDU-370 Glass Displays was professionally installed by R.C. Avionics in Minnesota. Avionics & electronics include Navigational GPS, autopilot, ADS-B IN & OUT plus all engine gauges. The owner set out to build the best ever Zenith CH 750 and we think he achieved that goal. 25 hrs total time engine & airframe. Must see. For more information or to schedule a visit to look at N33PY please contact Max Segler; Cell: 651-214-3709; . The list of features & equipment is extensive: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Glass Instrument Panel, ADS-B, Avionics & Electronics Dual Glass Garmin GDU-370 Multifunction Displays (MFDs) with 7” wide VGA (800x480) color screens ADS-B OUT compliant to be legal after January 2020 when flying under a Mode C Veil and in Class C & B Airspace with the signal transmitted by a remotely mounted Garmin GTX-23 ES, extended squitter, Transponder through a Comant AV-74 blade antenna & monitored on one of the Garmin GDU-370 Glass Displays ADS-B IN Equipped with the signal from a Garmin GA-35 GPS antenna and Garmin GDL-39 receiver. Traffic (with Visual Alerts) and Weather is Superimposed on the GPS navigational map, all displayed on one of the Garmin GDU-370 Glass Panels. Audio Traffic and Runway Alerts are heard on the Bose X headsets All engine parameters monitored through a Garmin G3X Sensor kit including RPM, Oil Pressure & Temperature, Ammeter, Manifold Pressure, Fuel Flow, fuel pressure, 4 CHTs, and 4 EGTs. All information is displayed on one of the GDU-370s Glass Displays Garmin GMA-240 Audio Panel Dual Garmin GTR-225 Comm Radios with Miller whip antennas Tru Trak Autopilot: Garmin G3X Autopilot with two GSA-28 Servos for pitch & roll. Control panel is a GMC-305 Panel Garmin Aera 560 hand held GPS, panel mounted Dual Garmin GA-35 GPS/WAAS teardrop antennas Odyssey 680 non-spillable Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery Artex ME406 Emergency Locator Transmitter, satellite based, panel mounted monitor Two Bose X Noise Cancelling headsets Engine – IO-233 Lycoming for Light Sport New Design light weight IO-233 Lycoming, a new engine with 25 hours total time – this is not an old design O-235 Lycoming 115hp @ 2800 rpm, 100hp @ 2400 rpm 2400 hours to major overhaul Dry weight 213 pounds Vetterman Exhaust System Light Speed Plasma III dual CDI (Capacitor Discharge Ignition) Electronic Spark Ignition Throttle body fuel injection Engine driven fuel pump Hydraulic valve lifters Dynafocal engine mount Sky Tec lightweight starter Light weight alternator (with integral solid state voltage regulator) Optimized oil sump Oil Cooler Chrome valve covers Propeller Whirl Wind GA200CN-200 ground adjustable composite Propeller; Hub Serial # GA0200-1036; Blade Serial # GA0200-1066 & 1067. Propeller set up to match the torque of the IO-233 Lycoming Engine. Diameter: 72 inches. Custom paint: Black with yellow tips. Airframe Features and Upgrades Professionally upholstered seats with fine supple leather. A sample of the leather passed the EASA/FAA flammability test – document available. Center console with matching leather arm rest Control stick grip with PPT switch Dual throttles with friction locks Dual brakes Bubble side windows LED navigation / strobe lights on wing tips LED landing and tail lights Micro vortex generators on wings & elevator Electric elevator trim Streamlined wing struts Matco 6 in. dia. wheels – 8 in. wide, caliper brakes & master cylinders Carlisle 8.00-6 tires Braided brake lines Two long range 15 gal tanks (30 gal total) All steel surfaces powder coated Epoxy chromate primer on all interior surfaces Light gray paint in cockpit and baggage area Cowl, baffling and motor mount to fit the IO-233 Lycoming engine
Current date: 2019-01-09