ORIGINAL VOLMER VJ 22 CHUBASCO This is the original Volmer Jensen VJ 22 that was built by Volmer.

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Condition: Used
ORIGINAL VOLMER VJ-22 CHUBASCO This is the original Volmer Jensen VJ-22 that was built by Volmer Jensen himself. He is the same guy who helped build the model of the Starship Enterprise for the famous tv show, Startrek. I don’t know for sure but the chances are high that parts of the model and this airplane was built in the same shop in California! The aircraft has recently been brought back to the US after being damaged in a landing mishap in Canada. The hull and wings were damaged but the original wings could easily be rebuilt with new spars and 7 or 8 ribs. The front of the hull was damaged with some ripple effect damage to the hull all the way back to the rear spars making the hull harder to repair than just starting with a new one. All of the hardware parts are in great shape and every piece of the original airplane is there, right down to the original data plate and all logs. The original Cont. 0-200B Pusher engine is also included with less than 700 SMOH. Engine was run about 1 year ago before I removed it from Chubasco to begin restoring and painting the original engine pylon which turned out great. All original instruments are included and a digital KY97A flip flop radio is included in this package. Another Volmer amphibian comes with this deal so that you can, if you wish, move all of the original parts to an airworthy airframe. The fiber glassed hull is in great shape and is ready to start accepting parts from the original donor to get you flying quickly. It also has logs and used to be a flying airplane with I believe around 600 hours on it. Brand new covered Champ wings with aftermarket flaps and a built in wing tank are included. I have receipts for the recent wing rebuild of around $11,000!!! Just for the wing rebuild! They are very nice. 2 trailers are also included in the auction to help you to haul it home. One is a 16 foot flat bed with dual axles and a total length of 22 feet with a large tool box on the front of it. No brakes. I estimate that it is worth an easy $1,500. The second trailer is a custom made boat trailer that is set up to haul a Volmer hull and also has provisions to haul wings. Both have great looking tires. They will both need easy to get permits to use as I have not titled them. Lots of extra parts. Including an extra canopy with doors for a total of three canopies. Electric elevator trim, Two wooden pusher propellers. Everything you need to build a flying VJ-22 or to restore the very 1st Original. All paper work. 2 sets of plans. Put your mind to it and you can have it flying in less than 6 months. This is an Amazing opportunity to own an original famous aircraft at a fair price. Think of it as a fast build kit with everything included. I have tried to leave the airplane in as much in one piece as possible so anyone who would take on the project would have a minimum of questions of what went where. So, for the market price of highly sought after custom rebuilt, newly covered Volmer wings with flaps and the correct well running original O200B with starter and generator, you will basically get everything else for free. This will be a fun easy project with nearly everything included to finish as well as a possibility for you to restore a nationally treasured seaplane. Ed
Current date: 2018-09-04