Fairchild 1942 + Must sell WWII Fairchild PT19s and PT26s Projects Aircraft, there are 3 PT19.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Make: Fairchild
Model Year: 1942 +
Must sell WWII Fairchild PT19s and PT26s Projects Aircraft, there are 3 PT19 fuselages and 2 PT26 Fuselages, 3 motors, + 1 rebuilt by Edward C. Wegner. (0 time since rebuilt) I have 1 center section that needs to be rebuilt. Also have main and rear spar for two center sections. Lots of painted metal parts, push rods, hinges. Front landing gear, fuel tanks wing panels, rudders, elevators, vertical and horizontal stabs, oil coolers, magnetos, gauges, pitot tubes, exhausts, engine mounts, cowlings nose bowls, seats, instrument panels, aluminum and wood fuselage stringers. So much more all stored in a dry building 32 by 46 filled with Fairchild parts. Special tools and stuff you won’t find again. Although there are many cleaned primed and painted parts most of this collection is in its original state, meaning not restored. Many detail drawings, books and misc. instructions. Also included is a Wag-a-bond project. Fuselage (welded 4130) primed, wing ribs, 1 completed aileron and all parts for the second aileron, landing gear (strut type) and tail wheel and rolled plans. Several Continental engine cases 65-85, 20 or more cylinders. Cams, crank shafts, oil sumps, most fittings. 1 Military back cover for a 65 with a spot for an electric start. Too many parts to mention. Please see photos. Everything you see in the photos is what is included except tool boxes, radial arm saw and band saw. Many of the tools specific to aviation will be included. There are no logbooks, for the Fairchild aircraft I do have the FAA records Certificate of true copy for some of them. I don’t have the time to sell piece parts, if you would like you can take it all or pick and choose but the price is the same. If you do want these projects pick up would be preferred, but you must handle all of the shipping and freight planning and cost. I can help with loading trucks and trailers. Whatever you don’t want will be discarded.
Current date: 2017-04-26