Waco 1930 1930 RNF project, fuselage, tail surfaces, front rear cockpit cowls and seats, instrument.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Make: Waco
Model Year: 1930
1930 RNF project, fuselage, tail surfaces, front/rear cockpit cowls and seats, instrument panel, bulkheads, SS firewall, floor boards, fuselage fairings and stringers, instruments, 3 wings(need work) and all materials for fourth. Center section, fuel tanks, ribs and other materials for ailerons, controls, cables, rudder peddles, control sticks and linkages, heal break cylinders, landing gear (No wheels), Scott tail wheel. Interplane struts, trim mechanism, new turtle deck, headrest, longeron farings. All tail surfaces, additional materials included. Registration is up to date. No logs. Drawings and additional pics available. Project sold as is.Will not ship. Has to be picked up in person.
Current date: 2017-05-19