New 2015 honda Brace yourselves! Here is something every James Bond fan in the world wants!This is.

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Condition: New Model Year: 2015
Make: honda
Brace yourselves! Here is something every James Bond fan in the world wants!
This is an actual one man experimental helicopter that was designed and patented by a brilliant NC man. It is NOT, repeat , NOT a gyro and requires no forward momentum to have flight.Pictures shown here are actual and do not show the rotors, but we have them. About 4 years ago I bought this from the designer along with complete access to his patents and design to enhance it to flight capable status and was successful to a complete lift off and hover. This rig was sent to Princeton to be tethered and tested using the configuration shown and it had a successful liftoff with about 535 gross but could not break the barrier. I bought it with the intent to market it in experimental form as a kit to fly LSA. I also agreed to spend my development money to make this happen. The man I bought it from had completely run out of cash and had a partner that basically screwed the project by spending all the cash on the patent process. I have spent another 35,000 to get her to this point.
The design is unique because it uses counter-rotating blades in synchronization with an adjustable pitch and yaw. The patent is public and you can research the value in that patent on your own. I will provide the proper paperwork for the successful buyer. I am an aerospace engineer that has worked all over the world and have determined that there are a few adjustments to be made to achieve full flight
1. The prototype is very heavy to scale and can use a serious weight reduction refit. a. The fuse is all steel,and should be redone in aluminum. b. There are overbuilds in the engine mounting platforms. c. the landing gear and steering can be removed and replaced with floating skids
2. The power is basic and is about 12hp light in my opinion3. The fuel, seat and harness configurations are not properly balanced for cg /cl4. The entire rotating platform is on a pendulum and needs to be properly balanced after the above modifications.
The project was moved from my shop to our design shop near Camp David (look up Lifeguarde to see what we do) where it was partially reconfigured and is now back in Baltimore. It is exactly as pictured. The rotors are in safe storage nearby, hanging from slings and are perfect. All the custom adjustment tools are included as shown.
If properly marketed, this would be the most advanced personal helicopter available. I am simply spread too thin to focus on this and my armor business at the same time without financial relief. This unit is for sale along with the right to produce, with the written permissions of the patents holder. I have an open ended right to produce with a residual due to the inventor upon future market sales and I will honor that. If you buy this for your personal use then there are no residual payments but you will sign a non compete FDS as well as an affidavit of fact for non commercial applications .
Current date: 2018-01-13