2004 sonerai II LT This sonerai II LT was built in 2004. does need some TLC but not much. i.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 2004
Make: sonerai II LT
This sonerai II LT was built in 2004. does need some TLC but not much. i purchased this last year from the family of former owner (he is deceased). The aircraft needs some fabric repair, nothing major. It also needs a new prop, unforunately the former owner was in bad health and left the aircraft parked under a shade hanger and the prop was done in by UV and weather. Engine runs great, it is an 1865 cc volkswagon with slick 4216 RH rotation 25 degree lag magneto. SINGLE IGNITION. the heads have been tapped for duel ignition, you just need the kit to convert to duel ignition. It has the great plains aircraft supply oil cooler adapter and diehl accessory case. the carb is a zenith/bendix 14998A. The cockpit is equipped with Garwin altimeter, Cessna 0-200 MPH airspeed indicator, stewart warner fuel level gage, presicion navigation V5000 compass (not impressive, would replace) and a grand rapids engine information system- includes tachometer, cht, EGT, Oil temp, oil pressure, voltmeter, engine hour meter (39.2 hrs on engine) OAT, flight time. this is a well built aircraft. would take very little to get it back in the air. I installed new tires on the mains and also have a new tire for the nose. wings have been removed, to fit in my shop. good looking aircraft with typical hanger rash. wings have a couple small dings. needs some minor fiberglass repairs on wheel covers. also have the tail wheel for anyone thats wants to convert to a tail dragger. the aircraft is set up with single controls, it is a two place but is set up as a single place. i have complete logs, all paperwork is in order. PLease feel free to contact me at 870403721nine or message me to set appointment to come see the aircraft. please come see it before buying it. This is an airworthy aircraft in need of a prop. could use some upgrades such as disk brakes and duel ignition.
Current date: 2018-06-24