1946 1946 This is one sweet Ercoupe. I have over 1000 hours in Coupes and would have no hesitation.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Make: 1946
Model Year: 1946
This is one sweet Ercoupe. I have over 1000 hours in Coupes and would have no hesitation flying this plane anywhere. The owner instructs the mechanic to fix whatever needs to be done…cost not a factor.
1946 Ercoupe N93684, 415D, TTAF 2,252 hrs, TSMOH 650+, C-85 with O-200 Crankshaft, (about 10% more displacement) considered the best engine for the Ercoupe. You name the mod…. and this one has it. Seats from a C-150 (totally rebuilt and upholstered) that slide back and forth for extra leg room or just to stretch your legs, Great upholstery, Bubble windshield, Duel nose fork, Cleveland brakes, transponder, VHF radio, ICS, oil filter, no rudder pedals, 30 gallon fuel system gives you 6 hour range and no header tank to worry about, Strobes, Directional gyro (new), Artificial Horizon, new VHF antenna and cable, Fiberglass nose bowl, 12 Volt Power Port, Slick Mags, recently rebuilt generator, push to talk (PTT), large baggage area, shoulder harness ($1500 installed!), Battery master relay (not installed), aircraft painted in 1997 in the Army Air Corp motif. Hangared ever since. Airframe sprayed with either Corrosion X or STF - 50 in past two years. NO CORROSION found, Even removed the wing tanks to inspect behind them. Have pictures. Airline Pilot owned-very meticulous. The same mechanic has been caring for this Coupe for the past 11 years., useful load 477.2 pounds, empty weight 922.8, equaling 1400 pounds MGTOW, all pertinent STC"s and Form 337"s are complete. All AD’s current, All logs available except a year of two in the 1940’s. Winner of this action must pay a $2000 deposit via PayPal within 24 hours of auction close. Balance to be paid when you come pick up the plane. If you are not completely satisfied with the aircraft when you come to pick it up, your full deposit will be immediately refunded, no questions asked. Aircraft located at KWVL in Maine. Ferry pilot available for daily fee of $200 plus expenses. Any questions call Glen at 917 297 1111. Not LSA compliant.
Current date: 2017-06-01