1947 Republic If you missed out on my previous Seabee sale here is your chance for a more complete.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1947
Make: Republic
If you missed out on my previous Seabee sale......here is your chance for a more complete better Seabee project. This is a ‘47 Seabee S/N 537, N6314K. Really interesting history on this plane. Owned and operated by a famous treasure hunter and used in the discovery and recovery of the second largest sunken treasure ever found. I have the airframe logs and parts manual, service records, tons of receipts and records. The FAA CD records. 337s, STCs, Airworthiness certificate, registration in my name, and a LOT of misc history and paperwork. The airframe has 1247 Total time since new. I have sold the original engine and prop but the rest of the plane is original. Over the years it has had several STC mods including extended wings, Wide spray rails, flush fuel cap and others. It has had most ADs like the aft cabin lower stiffeners and braces done. It comes with the fuselage, wings, tail feathers, struts, (wings and floats) floats, instruments, (NO radios) and interior seats and controls. The hull bottom skins should be replaced but I’ve heard it’s not a huge deal. It has corrosion in a couple weird places that’s definitely repairable but MOST of the plane is remarkably corrosion free! The great thing about this project is all of the aluminum extrusions that are famous for intergranular corrosion, such as the wing to strut and fuselage to strut fittings, are all fine. A huge (expensive) deal and worthy of consideration on buying any seabee project. A great candidate for a Robinson V-8 conversion or big Lycoming. These are the BEST and strongest amphibious planes ever built and with the right power plant..... make a phenomenal plane. I’ve run out of time and money to chase this dream and hope it falls in the right hands to be taken to the finish line. Look at pictures carefully. What you see is what you get. Call with any questions and definitely come look at it if you need to. Selling with NO reserve. Highest bid wins. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t bid if you don’t plan on following through with the purchase. Consider ALL cost first!!! Shipping, restoration, storage, wife approval, etc...... good luck, and bid to WIN! Deals like this come along once in a lifetime. Don’t miss out. Thanks. Todd. 337-298-5141
Note: I have it listed on other sites so if it sell there I reserve the right to end the auction early. Likewise..... feel free to contact me and make an offer.
Also....... I have a modified custom trailer for moving this plane. I “may” consider delivering the plane if the distance and price is right.
Current date: 2019-01-30