Hughes 1965 1965 Hughes 269B N451JR sn 65 0212. Annual 9 1 2014 vfr certification due 5 2015..

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1965 Hughes 269B N451JR sn 65-0212. Annual 9/1/2014 vfr certification due 5/2015. Airframe TT 3179.4 HIO360-A1A 687.7 smoh. Good component times remaining. King ky 197 com, king txp. Garmin 295 gps. Complete manuals. Email thru ebay for latest sign offs and spec sheet. Thanks for looking.
I have been getting so many questions with regard to what is the next inspection and timed component. The main rotor thrust bearing is a 300 hour item. it was done approximately 55 hours ago, so it has about 245 hours remaining. The next inspection would be an annual due next year in October.
I am selling due to A: I have a new job and B: I might have to move. The cost of owning an aircraft in Missouri is very low when considering the rest of the country. I live in a very small town where cost of living is very reasonable.
Again thanks for looking
My conditions have drastically changed. I am faced with medical bills. I need to sell this helicopter.
Current date: 2014-11-03