Piper 1965 1965 IFR PA 28 140 CHEROKEE 140 N4529R From dry country PA, TT 4498, SMOH 1165, Bought.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Make: Piper
Model Year: 1965
1965 IFR PA 28-140
N4529R From dry country PA, TT 4498, SMOH 1165, Bought from lady who owned it last 17 years who flew auxiliar missions for the US Coast Guard in this airplane, which had to be maintained to Coast Guard standards. Annual as of 09-1-16.
Great maintenance, all logs Excellent IFR, Dual Mk 12 D Digital Flip flops, KMA 24 Audio, Sigtronics Intercom, KR 85 ADF (inop),ARC 1G832 HSI, Century II Auto Pilot, Apollo 618 Loran (no longer useable as Satellites have been deactivate) however a Apollo GPS will slide into the existing tray without further installation. EGT, Avionics master Switch.
Pilot Toe brakes, front shoulder harnesses, Car Gas STC, External APU Receptacle, Pilot Vent window air scoop, REIFF Corp Hot Band engine pre heat system, , strobes, rotating beacon, Heated Pitot, Wheel Fairings, $29,990.00.You are encouraged to visually inspect the airplane at CLW and its logs and satisfy yourself or a person designated by you to inspect the aircraft, that it is what you expect in all respects. Any deposit placed on this aircraft is none refundable, so you need to be sure that this is the airplane you want.
Thank you for your consideration for this excellent , IFR aircraft.If you have questions please contact me 8132304120
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