1968 Cessna This aircraft is being re listed because the previous offer bid winner (hangarboyz) did.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1968
Make: Cessna
This aircraft is being re-listed because the previous offer/bid winner (hangarboyz) did not pay, did not answer email or tried to contact me if they were having a problem. NOTHING!! PLEASE, don’t bid/make offer if you can’t pay for it. A little curtesy please.
FOR SALE: 1968 CESSNA CARDINAL 177 FG N29488 TTAF 2717.1 TTE 2640.7 (At last annual – Certified airworthy May 2017)
Engine: Lycoming O-360-A1A - Compression 72 76 75 73 – (No metal in oil analysis)
Fixed pitch prop (TSMOH 526.6) Certified VFR/IFR Panel / ADS-B In/Out Compliant / All AD’s Completed
1968 FG Cardinal with PowerFlow Exhaust, Fancy Pants, and Cowling Modifications. PowerFlow adds 20HP to the 180HP engine. Cruise at 120 knots on less than 8.5 gallons per hour in the widest cabin in this class of airplane. A full 48" cabin width with 90 degree opening doors. No step ups to get in the plane, no seat adjustment. Just step in and go - just like a car. Passengers love it and it makes it easy for you to get in and out of the aircraft.
This plane is mechanically sound, corrosion free, and cosmetically excellent. It has an excellent paint job, new glass all around, but could use an interior upgrade. The panel is for IFR flight rules but I have only flown it VFR. I have added a TSO-certified, FAA approved Stratus (Appareo) ESGi ADS-B In/Out Xponder with WAAS GPS and external GPS antenna to meet the 2020 mandate. I use it with my Foreflight app but it will connect to other flight apps using WiFi/Bluetooth. It has a Brittan Wing Leveler system which works quite well since the plane will fly itself hands off. Sheepskin covers on the front seats make this plane a comfortable long haul platform. The Cardinal is a very responsive and steady aircraft that is a joy to fly. The engine is at TBO, but compressions are still very good and the oil analysis shows that the engine is not making any metal and is certified airworthy by A&P/AI. 2 quarts of oil added since late 2013 not counting annuals and 50 hour changes. Next annual due May 2018. I also have a Bruce’s Custom Cover for the glass/cabin area that has never been used that goes with the aircraft.
All times are representative and may change as the plane is flown. Plane is listed for sale in other venues and I reserve the right to end this listing early. Don"t bid/make offer if you don"t intend to buy. Inspections are welcome. Plane is based at KOLM and is hangered. $2000 deposit due within 48 hours of auction end/offer acceptance (Paypal is OK) and balance is due within 7 days of auction end/offer acceptance. Winning the auction doesn"t buy you the right to inspect the aircraft. It means you bought the aircraft. There is no warranty expressed or given. Aircraft is sold where is, as is. Pick-up and delivery is the responsibility of the buyer. Good luck and happy bidding!
Questions: Call Tom at 360-446-2021. If I miss your call, leave a message/phone number and I will call you back. Questions Asked From Previous Posting: Any damage history? No. Do you have the logbooks? I have all logbooks since aircraft was new. Is aircraft VFR/IFR certified? Yes. Certification completed March 2018 and is next due March 2020. What do you use for ADS-B In/Out? I had Olympia Avionics install a TSO-certified Stratus ESGi (Appareo) ADS-B In/Out Xponder with WAAS GPS and external GPS antenna to meet the 2020 mandate. When is the next annual due? Next annual is due in May 2018.
Current date: 2018-03-08