Cessna 1969 11807 AFTT 1688 SMOH. Compressions: #1 74 80, #2 75 80, #3 79 80, #4 75 80. Good oil.

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11807 AFTT 1688 SMOH.
Compressions: #1 74/80, #2 75/80, #3 79/80, #4 75/80. Good oil consumption.
No damage history, all logs.
Hangared last 10 years
Full Horton STOL (leading edge cuffs, droop tips and stall fences).
Climb Prop
Concorde battery installed in Feb with STC.
Autogas STC (only use 100LL).
Wingtip strobes.
Rudder stop kit (spins permitted).
KX170B with VOR.
Installed Intercom
KT76A transponder, VFR cert completed 1-2014.
New Slick mags 3 years ago.
New Exhaust 3 years ago.
Extensive annual completed 8-2014.
Recent rebuilt vacuum pump.
Good interior.
Needs paint. Fuselage ok, wings and vertical stabilizer rough.

I bought this airplane June of last year, and have flown it nearly 100 hours since then. I fly it regularly, so the times listed will change. It may be high time, but it is an excellent flying airplane, still pretty tight on the controls and climbs very well.

I have a long history with this airplane. I remember my dad renting it when I was little and we would fly around the area. It has been local to me for more than 30 years, and I have been around it for most of those 30. It has been a trainer, as is obvious by its total time, though there is no damage history and I have all the logs. 13 years ago it was bought by a private individual and its training career ended. It has been hangared for the past 10 or so years. I keep it hangared at a private strip near Smithfield, NC.

When I bought the airplane, I did some research with the help of the guys from Cessna and determined that my airplane was one of the special edition “Discover Flying” Hojo Cessna 150s. They were orange and teal with a big sunset on the tail. Since the airplane is needing paint, I had planned on having it painted back to its original colors. I have the contact info for the Cessna archives with document numbers to retrieve the original paint design drawings to send to a paint shop. I have also collected some of Cessna’s Discover Flying memorabilia over time to go with it.

I thought I would be keeping the airplane for a long time, but recently I have a unique opportunity to move up to a larger airplane. My wife has taken an interest in flying, and with me being large, and the 150 being small, we need something bigger for the family. Its hard to sell it, it has quite a bit of sentimental value, but my mission has changed.

It is currently in annual, all A/Ds are complied with, is flown regularly and is airworthy. It is being sold "as is" with no warranties expressed, written or implied, and no returns.
Current date: 2014-10-08