Rockwell 1978 This airplane is currently being flown and times are subject to slightly change.TTAF.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Make: Rockwell
Model Year: 1978
This airplane is currently being flown and times are subject to slightly change.
TTAF: 1760TTSMOH: 1760Annual: Completed February 2017AD"s: All AD"s have been complied with to date.Transponder: Completed February 2017ELT: February 2017ELT Batteries: Due March 2019Static System: Completed February 2017Paint: 9/10Interior: 9/10
This is a 1978 Rockwell Commander 114A. I have owned it since 2003 and flown it all over the US and Canada, coast to coast. It is very comfortable with 2 entry doors and a great payload. You don"t have to question should you take friends or fuel, you can take both! It has a 3 axis auto pilot coupled to the Garmin 530 that was just overhauled. It has older Collins #2 comm/nav but they work great. I have loved this plane for a long time but am ready to move on and get a seaplane!
Recent repairs/replacements in 2017: Auto pilot overhauled May 2017, Landing Gear Pump and starter replaced.
Inop equipment: The strikefinder and DME are inoperative. With iPads these days, I didn"t need them so I didn"t fix them.
LOCATION: The plane is located at the Tampa Executive Airport in Tampa, FL (KVDF)
We own a flight school but the plane has NEVER been used as a flight training plane. It has always been our personal plane.
LEARN TO FLY AN AIRPLANE OR GET YOUR IFR IN AS LITTLE AS 2 WEEKS, INCLUDING HOTEL! $12,000.00 value I, Michele Rash, have been offering this course since 2007 averaging one pilot certificate or rating sign-off per week. Between myself, my partner and our staff, we have a combined 93% pass rate (on the first try, of course). First things first, to answer your question, YES we have produced many 2 week pilots over the years and YES it is very possible. Logic will show that. To get your Private Pilot Certificate, you must have 40 hours of flight, it takes about 20-30 hours ground. Add that up and it"s 60-70 hours and we are doing it over 14 days. There, of course, is more to it than that, but it"s very possible. The 2 week pilot courses are fast-paced for individuals that are goal oriented. If you come "cold turkey", have zero experience and are over 35 "ish" years old, you"ll have to work for it, but you can still do it! WHO ARE WE ANYWAY? A friend suggested I (Michele) take pilot lessons to help me with my business aspirations. I loved it so much that I continued and went all the way through the Instructor ratings and now hold both single and multi-engine ATP’s. I started my own flight school in 2006 and grew it into a large operation and sold that business. I have since started a new flight school in Tampa, FL with a partner as passionate about aviation as I am, Superior Aviation Gateway, and we continue to offer the 2 week Private, 2 week Instrument, Advanced and Finish Up Courses. We love teaching people to fly and helping them reach their goals. We cater to those who are serious about their Pilot Training and want Professional Flight Instruction. Many of our customers are Professionals themselves who come to Superior Aviation Gateway because they’re tired of spinning their wheels, wasting money and getting nowhere with their training. On your first experience with SAG, whether it be your first lesson or a Finish Up review, we’ll show you the finish line. Our professional, career flight instructors and staff will create a custom syllabus and outline your flight training from that day through the checkride! We pride ourselves on giving the highest quality flight training available at an affordable cost. You will notice that our prices are ALL INCLUSIVE. The only extra things you will have to purchase is the food you eat while you"re here! Superior Aviation Gateway is independently owned and operated. We treat each customer as, well, no less than, family. We teach to the highest standards. We don’t just teach you to fly, we teach you to be a Pilot. When we sign you off for your certificate or rating, the final question is: Would I let my Mother sit in the back seat while he/she flew her around? We take each customer seriously and make it our job to train you to be a confident and competent pilot. We use the tried and true methods but on point and ready to adjust when that doesn"t work for that particular customer. Our combined pass/fail rate is 93%. We have signed off approximately 250 people in the past 5 years for a license or rating. Our average Private Pilot earns their certificate in 43 flight hours and 30 ground instruction hours. Instrument, 45 flight hours and 30 ground instruction hours. If you"re still reading this, you have found your flight school. Call Michele directly if you have any questions. Her cell is 813-417-8910. If you would like a reference, simply give me a call or send an email. I’ll be glad to give you as many references as you like. Do you want the last person we certified or how about our FAA Designated Examiners phone number? You name it, we’ll gladly give it to you. We know they’ll have only good things to say about us. LOCATION: Tampa, Florida. In addition to training you for your Private, Instrument, Commercial, Single or Multi or CFI"s, we can offer Survival Training, Adventure Trips, Pinch Hitter Courses and more with Professional Flight Instructors that work one-on-one with you and guide you step by step to your goal. We offer our Accelerated Training out of the Tampa, FL (KVDF) Airport. AGE: Must be at least 17 to obtain the Private Pilot Certificate. Mom & Dad, if you are concerned for your child staying in a hotel, don’t worry, we monitor them very carefully. They will only be there long enough to sleep. MEDICAL EXAM: A student pilot must obtain a medical certificate from an Aviation Medical Examiner. Once the medical is obtained, he or she will need to work with a Certified Flight Instructor to obtain their student pilot certificate. The FAA will mail the certificate in approximately 2-4 weeks after date of application. You must have a student pilot certificate to solo. Therefore, you will need to obtain your medical, submit and receive your student pilot certificate prior to beginning training. INCLUDED: The Private Pilot Package being offered here is for the following: * Ground Instruction for the Written Exam: approx. 10 hrs.
* Ground Instruction for Flight Training: approx. 15 hrs
* Ground Instruction for the Oral Exam: approx. 5 hrs
* Max 40 hours of ground allowed. (This is MORE than enough if you do your part.)
* Written Exam Fee: $150.00 * Aircraft Rental, (Cessna 172/Piper PA-28) 42 hours
* Flight Instruction: Up to 30 hours
* Solo Requirements: 10 hours * Use of the Aircraft for the Checkride
* FAA Designated Examiner Fee: $700.00 * Accommodations: $1,000.00 ($500/week) - Students will stay at the Country Inn & Suites in Seffner, FL, located 10 minutes from the airport. * Airport Transfers: We"ll gladly pick you up and return you to the Tampa International, Orlando International or St. Pete International Airport., for no additional fee.
* Private Pilot Kit: $399.00 Kit includes all (new) necessary flight gear. Flight Bag, ASA Headset with Lifetime Warranty, Plotter, E6B flight computer, Kneeboard, FAR/AIM, Log book, Superior Course Syllabus, Workbook, Flight Maneuvers Guide and Oral Exam Guide, Rod Machado Private Pilot Handbook, Rod Machado Workbook. This is available in digital format if you prefer with a ForeFlight subscription for the same price. TYPICAL DAY OF TRAINING: 7:30 AM Pick up at Hotel
8:00 AM to 10:00 AM - Ground Instruction
10:00 AM to 12:00 PM - Flight Training
12:00 PM to 1:00 PM - Lunch Break
1:00 PM to 3:00 PM - Ground Instruction
3:00 PM to 5:00 PM - Flight Training
5:30 PM to 6:30 PM - Dinner
6:45 PM - Drop off at Hotel
7:00 PM to 8:00 PM – Homework/Prep for next day SUCCESS: We have been successful in the Aviation Community because we give it to you straight. We"ll give you the bottom dollar amount with absolutely NO hidden fees! We won"t try to give you a low ball number to get you in the door and then sneak in the $400 for supplies, $150 written exam fee or $600 final exam fee. You know exactly what you"re going to pay, no hassles, no "up sales", no surprises. What you see is what you get around here. We don"t claim to be the cheapest flight school you"ll find looking at the price list, but, we guarantee (as with most things) you"ll get what you pay for from us! AND, using a syllabus throughout your flight training will ensure you"ll pay the least amount of money and will not "spin your wheels". REFERENCES: We"ll gladly give you references. Simply send us an e-mail & I"ll forward you our FAA Designated Examiners Names & Phone Numbers as well as the last few students we"ve signed off. If you prefer, go to our Facebook and pick any students you want from our photo gallery & we"ll send you their contact information. We are confident that you"ll only hear good things about our flight school. We have no secrets, we simply "are who we are and do what we do [well]" TRAINING AIRCRAFT: Our Training Aircraft are kept in exceptional Mechanical Repair. We own all our Training Aircraft and keep them excellent condition. After all, we’re flying in them too! Our aircraft are not Garmin G1000 equipped, however they have everything you need to become a well rounded pilot. GPS"s are used AFTER you understand the basic flying skills using paper charts. This way, when the electronics fail (and they will) you will enjoy the challenge of the pilotage & dead-reckoning refresher. If you have ANY questions, e-mail or call us anytime. Michele Rash, 813-417-8910. We know it"s customers like you that keep us from having to get real jobs! THANKS FOR LOOKING!
Current date: 2017-06-07