“Excellent condition, inside & out.” 1981 Robinson R22 1981 Robinson R22, with FADEC Automatic.

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“Excellent condition, inside & out.”
Model Year: 1981 Make: Robinson R22
1981 Robinson R22, with FADEC Automatic Governor, 2076 TT AIRFRAME , Privately owned, always hangered, 732TT Lycoming 0-320-A2C Engine with Retard magnetos, MAIN ROTOR TRANSMISSION & T/R GEARBOX HAS 132TT, 304TT Since NEW Main Bearings, Camshaft, Lifters, Gaskets, 2 New Millienum cylinders, New Gear & Bolt, has electric Heater , & New external Jumps, I can be reached at for all info, never been Damaged & always Hangared & well taken care of Plenty of power for 2 Big People, these are sought after 1st. Generation R22s, they are awesome machines, can deliver for a Fee !!!, STCd to run Auto Gas (No Ethanol), Has PTT Push to talk intercom for Radio & pilot to passenger, both independent from each other, Nice Radio & 604 Apollo Morrow ll Loran C Navigator, Helicopter has logs from Day one & has been well maintained, ( STRONG COMPRESSION & USES NO OIL) , COMPRESSION 74/80, 76/80/ 78/80/ 75/80, Good Logs from day one & Maintenance records, I reserve the right to refuse any bid or buyer as the ship is listed in other places. ADS COMPLIED WITH ARE AS FOLLOWS, 80-03-01, 80-08-08, 80-11-07,80-21-53, 80-24-01, 80-26-06, 81-03-52, 81-05-52 R1, 81-19-03, 81-24-10, 82-03-07, 82-11-01, 82-15-07, 82-23-51, 83-15-07R1, 84-18-04, 87-18-03,88-24.03L, 88-26-01R2, 90-17-01, 92-6-17, 94-11,01L, 94-15-08, 94-17-07, 95-02-03L, 95-04-14, 95-06-03, 95-06-07, 95-11-09, 95-23-05, 95-26-04, 96-09-29, 96-11-08, 97-2-14, 97-25-05, 55-2-2, 59-10-07, 63-23-02, 64-16-05, 66-20-04, 75-08-09-R(3), 81-18-04R2, 87-10-06R1, 90-04-06R1, 91-08-07C, 91-14-22, 92-12-05, 92-20-07L, 93-05-21L, 93-11-11, 94-14-13L, 95-26-02, 96-09-10C, 97-01-03, 97-15-11, 93-19-04C, 98-01-06, 73-07-04, 74-26-09, 82-20-01, 94-01-03R2, 94-06-09, 76-07-12, 84-26-02, Helicopter is nice inside & out, & so is the glass, what you would expect from one that has been well taken care of, N # AND REGISTERED WITH THE FAA, "STANDARD AIRWORTHINESS CERTIFICATE", call me with any questions you might have, please no opinions or Hateful Harassing e-mails, I have sold it 5 times & have yet to get paid or even show the Helicopter to anyone, so please be serious as these ads cost money, burns about 7-8 gallon of auto fuel & hour, I have used it on a Big Farm since I have owned it for 5 years now, & can use it another 5 with no problems I think, NO RESERVE AUCTION, Being sold as-is, Buyer Beware, seller will not be responsible for any & all mis use of Helicopter, Fly at own risk & buyer holds seller & all relatives not responsible for accidents or Death, Flying is dangerous & people get Killed in NEW Helicopters along with good paperwork & everything they can do to make it safe for flight legally will not save you, I have seen the cruel reality of this close up, most mechanics are out for the money not your safety, just my opinion of what I have seen through life, make sure you know the legal aspects of any Helicopter you buy, people will sell you anything, they care nothing for your safety, so educate yourself is the best Safety protocol you can follow along with a very good mechanic that truly cares, & the most important thing PRAYER !!! This Helicopter has been well maintained & flys smooth as silk, everything on it works as it should, This Helicopter is a lot better machine than any experimental for sale out there , as these ships are really flown & all experimental ships are always low time, because people know better than to fly them, GOOD LUCK !!! 12 year out, GOOD LUCK BIDDING !!! Don"t hesitate to call with any questions you might have, I personally encourage it, if you want to look at it before you bid , your are welcome to come & look, We keep this Helicopter Flight ready at all times, RARE FIND !!!
Current date: 2018-12-31