Lazair Chalk Art Easel DVD Training Store legpro (625 ) 100% Visit Store: Chalk Art Easel DVD.

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Chalk Art Easel DVD Training Store

legpro (625 ) 100% Visit Store: Chalk Art Easel DVD Training Store
Categories Chalk Art Easel Chalk Art DVD"s Chalk Art CD"s Other Where else can you fly for a little over a GALLON PER HOUR.This is an extremely RARE FIND!This Lazair Ultralight comes with a KFM 25 HP electric start engines. Engine has an Ultraprop 3 blade 45" duameter inch prop and reduction drive.
Toe operated disc brakes are included.
Also features engine control panel and electric fuel pump. Has new battery.
The wings and control surfaces have been covered with NEW 30 year Poly Fiber fabric and newly painted.The ribs have riveted cap strips top and bottom to keep the fabric from balooning in flight.The wings come off easily with just a few bolts making it ready to transport.Pictures are shown with one wing removed for better view.
The Lazair is one of the safest ultralight aircraft ever built. It will not spin, and the stall is a gentle mush. It does not fall off on one wing because of the washout in the wings, and the tips stall last. If you want a stable flyer, this is for you. It has full three axis control. The control stick controls the ailerons and elevators, and separate rudder pedals control the rudders. The rudders and elevators are combined (ruddervators) in the turned down tail which makes the Lazair very controllable in slow flight and taxi because the air blast of the engines is directed into them. There is also less drag than a T tail. Take off roll is about 100-200 feet depending on headwind.Glide ratio is 13 to 1.Climb rate is about 400 feet per minute with two people aboard
Cruise speed is about 45 mph and stall about 17 mph. It holds five gallons of fuel and has a range of about 100 miles on a tank. Will be disassembled when you come to get it. It is located in Winston-Salem, NC 27101. Current date: 2018-01-16