“Airplane in excellent condition.” Zenith 2011 The avionics are standard 6 pack panel with FlightCom.

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“Airplane in excellent condition.”


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The avionics are standard 6 pack panel with FlightCom two-place intercom. The canopy has an overhead window and with the high wings affords a terrific view above and below. 100 HP Corvair engine with 256 hours. Two seat with up to 40lbs. baggage area. Uses either 100LL avgas or auto fuel. Complete with Garmin 496 with weather option. Annual 8/30/2014. Custom cover included. A fun little airplane that will land and take off in less than 150 feet with two people.
LENGTH20 Ft. 11 In.
HEIGHT (rudder tip)8 Ft. 7 In.
DESIGN LOAD FACTOR (ultimate)+6 G / -3G
CABIN WIDTH (optional bubble doors)44 INCHES
FUEL CAPACITY (std., dual wing tanks)20 US Gallons
(2 x 10 gal.)

The Zenith 701 is a proven design first available in 1986 and meets the qualifications as a Light Sport Aircraft. It is a lot of fun to fly. It has two doors and one Y- stick. It has a sturdy main landing gear with large wheels that with a stall speed of 28-30 mph makes landings much easier. It is easy to trim with the electric controls and the flight controls are two-finger light. I have had this airplane as the second owner since the beginning of the year. I am now in the process of transitioning into a Private Pilot certificate and wish to buy a larger airplane.Some facts about the Corvair engine from flycorvair.com:

The Corvair has been flying on experimental aircraft since 1960.The engine configuration is very similar to Lycomings and Continentals.The engine is effective without a gearbox or belt drive because it has a comparatively large displacement.They make their rated power at 3,150 rpm. They have wide power bands, making 75% power at 2,650 rpm. All engines will exceed their rated power at higher rpm, and they can be continuously run at full power at 3,600 rpm without damage.The engine weighs 225 pounds ready to run. This is effectively the same as a Continental O-200. It’s installed weight is 35 pounds more than a 912 Rotax, 25 pounds more than a Jabaru 3300. The Corvair is 40 pounds lighter than a Lycoming O-235.The Corvair has a factory cylinder head temp limit of 575F. This is the highest limit on any mass-produced air-cooled engine ever built. The engine as also the first mass-produced turbocharged car. GM engineered the motor to have excellent heat tolerance and heat dissipation. In aircraft the engine typically runs at 325 to 350 CHT.Six cylinder engines can fly on one cold cylinder, most 4 cylinder engines can not. Plug fouling is unknown in Corvairs because the ignition system is 40,000 volts and uses a plug gap twice as wide as a magneto system.The Covair is low maintenance. The heads never need retorquing. The valves have hydraulic lifters and never need to be reset or adjusted.

Current date: 2014-10-21