Beech 1956 1956 G35 Bonanza 4569 Total Time • 625 SMOH • 267 Prop • Paint 9 10 • Interior 8 10 For.

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1956 G35 Bonanza

4569 Total Time • 625 SMOH • 267 Prop • Paint 9/10 • Interior 8/10

For Sale is our well maintained, professional pilot flown 1956 G35 Bonanza.

625 SMOH on E225-8 with chrome 727 cylinders and 4-ring pistons, One qt oil added between 30 hour changes.

267 IRAN on Beech Elec. Prop w/ NO ADs. Pitch change bearing serviced with Mobil 28 synthetic on 11/2011, ~ 150 hours till due.

Insight G-2 Color Engine Monitor with Fuel Flow computing and data logging.

Recently overhauled:

Ø Landing gear motor (2012)

Ø Thompson TF-1900 Fuel pump with new parts (2014)

Ø Mags have fresh 500-hour inspections with new parts (2014/2013)

Ø Airspeed indicator with face re-colored (2011)

The airframe and engine have lots of upgrades:

Ø Legal 5-place airframe; STC for 3 passengers on rear bench seat


Ø Whelen beacon (replaces Grimes)

Ø M-style wingtips w/ strobes

Ø V-Tail strengthener cuffs installed

Ø Eagle fuel cells w/ upgraded quick drains

Ø Cleveland (double puck) brakes

Ø Gill G-35 sealed battery

Ø New landing light lenses

Ø One-piece windshield (non speed slope)

Ø Modern Ignition Key (replaces old wafer-type key which acted in-line for master switch activation)

Ø New Vernier-type Mixture cable

Ø Leather glare shield with flood lights

Ø Rosen Sun Visors


Insight G2 color engine analyzer with Fuel Flow Jasco 50Amp Alternator Sunrise Spin-on Oil Filter adapter PS-5C Pressure carb with red-seals, 1998 Overhaul Date Silicon gaskets upgrade Reiff Pre-heat system with full winter blankets BDS air-oil separator Fresh 500 hr inspections on both Mags Fine-wire spark plugs
Squaks:1.) A fresh air vent is stuck partially open. A new actuator cable will fix that.2.) A digit is burnt out on one of the KX-155s. Quoted at $500 to repair, I live with it.3.) Auto mode of the Electric Propellor Governor (Airborne 350A) is intermittent and has been disabled. The designer has passed away and no further support is available. It is common practice among knowledgeable E-Series Bonanza operators that "auto" should never be used as it rapidly accelerates wear and tear on the associated parts.
Damage history:Nose gear failure during taxi in October 2001. Aircraft restored/repaired in TX to its current condition.
Delivery possible for actual costs only (fuel/transport to airline serviced airport). CFI checkout available.
Aircraft for sale or trade via other methods, auction may end without notice. Please verify these specs for yourself.
Please regard your bid as a contract and bid accordingly.
Aircraft is available for inspection anytime during the auction period.
Logs and additional High Res photos available for serious inquiries, please allow ample time when requesting the link for your reviewing.
Trades for aircraft with 5 or more seats: Cessna 195/210/310/337, Piper 32 series, Beech 33/35/36, 55, A55, B55 Barons. Other trades for any taildragger considered. Nothing else please.
Any questions please ask, We will respond as promptly as possible.
Please do not waste both of our times by negotiating price via the comfort of your computer. Price will only be negotiated in person after viewing/flying the aircraft with a serious party if you choose purchase outside of the auction.
Re-Listed due to errors in prior listing.
Current date: 2014-11-08