(There is another C7 airframe currently for sale on Ebay. $25K including unfinished Amphibious.

Item specifics
Condition: Used
(There is another C7 airframe currently for sale on Ebay. $25K including unfinished Amphibious Floats Kit. Buy it, and use my parts for a flying airplane. There is also a C10 for sale minus engine available)
Selling for parts only. Will not sell with certificates to ever fly again. Will supply Bill of Sale for Engine/Prop, etc. and Logbooks. No Airworthiness Certificate or FAA Bill of Sale will be given. Registration will be cancelled. I"ll fly the airplane to your location in USA for expenses. Been flying it for approx. 1400 hours/15 years. Walter M601D engine just underwent Hot Section IRAN including Turbine Bearing replacement. 700-800 hours remaining to next major overhaul. Avia 99" Hot Prop overhauled. 1499 hours remaining. Pratt & Whitney ignition conversion. Streamlined exhaust stacks. Dual RGB Batteries. Full wiring harness and Autostart system. EI Int"l engine gauge package. Bleed Air Cabin Heat Muffler. Hammerhead Aluminum landing gear. 2 Morrow avionics stack. LF191 Wings with 190 Gallons fuel. 260 gallons total in airplane. YES! I have studied various Hold Harmless/Liabilty releases. They can be breeched. I"m just not taking the chance. And if I was.....I"d not be selling it for under $100K.
It"s not a good candidate for passenger duty. Has a 45 gallon built in tank where rear 2 seats would go. Has an aluminum tank and 18 inch camera hole where the middle 2 seats would go. Has a minimal interior. Was used to haul around a 350 pound aerial mapping camera system it"s entire life.
Current date: 2017-05-30