“ Please READ full description before bidding ” 1965 Cessna Please read the full history of this.

Item specifics Condition: Seller Notes:
“*****Please READ full description before bidding*****”
Model Year: 1965 Make: Cessna
***Please read the full history of this aircraft before bidding!!***
I am going to describe in full detail and honesty regarding this aircraft. Up for auction is my Cessna SkyHawk C172F. I purchased this aircraft a little over 4 years ago and she flew constantly! I owned a small elite flight school in South Florida. This aircraft was a prized favorite due to its simplicity, superb reliability and ease of flight. I am a 6,000hr pilot and my clientele only existed of vacationing Professional Pilots with high flight time. Our location catered to only to the affluent seasonal travelers. At NO point was this aircraft flown by young kids looking to rush through to an airline job. All Pilots were tought specific instructions on how to handle the aircraft regardless of what they fly! Due to our clientele and my constant worry for overwater operations, this aircraft was always maintained to THE HILL! Whatever it needed, it got. I have detailed logbooks to veryify this. I spared no expense and had no hesitation putting this aircraft down for maintenance if needed. Safety came first with me. Over the years, this bird began to look tired and was in need of a paint job. So during our slow season, summer of 2017, along with our certified A&P began a full restoration on her. We installed a brand new dash panel, ALL windows including the windshield were replaced properly with brand new “Grey Solar” glass like the new C172’s. All panels were then chemically stripped to bare metal, repaired and professionally painted in beautiful aircraft “Materhorn White” which is found on many Corporate Jets. Once completed, the aircraft was shipped back to our maintenance facility for reinstall. In that short time, a storm was on the horizon...our location u fortunately suffered storm surge and water entered the hangar where the aircraft was kept bringing in 3 feet of water. Luckily due to its fresh paint, we noticed nothing stuck to our painted landing gear. All panels...doors, wings, flaps, ailerons, vertical stab, horizontal stab, rudder, elevator, upper and lower cowling were all kept in a climate controlled room separate from the fuselage. Days after the storm had passed, Insurance Inspectors came to inspect all aircraft(multiple affected). After evaluating mine, they decided to take it. Maybe due to the fact that it was apart(October 2017) Due to the high thousands of dollars that I had just invested, and knowing it only needs brake rotors and pads and bearings, I decided to attempt to buy it back and I did(December 2017). Shortyl after purchase, my year and a half old son was admitted into the ICU. Unfortunately it has now been over 400+ days that he still remains there. That being said, this airplane just sits in a hangar. I have no time whatsoever to keep this due to my current situation. This airplane was my first airplane and I will miss it so. It received a lot of love and will be a great aircraft to whoever buys it. Please note that the current pictures show a lot of dust.
Heres what you need to know....Including brand new landing light lensIncluding brand new strut fairingsI cannot find the spinnerI have 4 seats(red) and panelsNeeds a headlinerNeeds a dash board “eye brow”Needs new carpetNeeds tiresNeeds brakes(possibly lines)Inspection panels have not been painted(see pics)Landing light frame has not been painted(see pics)
S/N 17255210ENGINE(May 2017)TT 3847.82SMOH 2191.98
PROPTT 3847.82SMOH 1193.82
I have logbooks and more pictures upon request
The insurance company did stamp the logbook(see picture)
There are no liens on aircraft but it is the buyers responsibility for “due diligence”
I have answered this as honestly as possibly. It is strongly encouraged that you inspect this aircraft. I will do my very best to answer any questions you may have regarding this Cessna.
Current date: 2019-01-26