New RELIST DUE TO NON PAYING BIDDER>TEAM MINI MAX 1030F Max 103 Ultralight kit plane, Only missing.

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Condition: New
TEAM MINI MAX 1030F Max-103 Ultralight kit plane, Only missing engine and instruments. All wood construction complete. Beautiful workmanship. For Hirth F-33 or Rotax 277 engine. will fly on approx. 28-30 HP. Single person, mid wing, tail dragger. Can be 103 ultralight with these engines. Larger engine would put it in the experimental classification. Windscreen is clear, it just has its protective coating on it still in the pics. I have more pieces than is shown and a roll of silk type covering. Controls are mostly installed. PICK UP ONLY. Gibbon, Nebraska. NO SHIPPING. it is light and will come apart and transport on a trailer. I did not build it. I traded for it like it is. The quality of the craftsmanship is excellent. Was assembled about 10 years ago to this stage. LOOK AT THE TEAM MINI MAX WEBSITE FOR MORE INFO. You can still buy this kit from the Manufacturer. It is a very popular design. . Needs engine, covering, instruments, etc. Never been flown. It has been hanging indoors all its life, no damage. PICK UP IN GIBBON NEBRASKA
It"s designed for great performance powered by a single-cylinder engine in the 28-30 HP range. Please do not attempt to install a larger, more powerful engine. if you want to build and fly the best ultralight on the market, the Max-103 is the plane for you! Max-103 Features True Part-103 Ultralight Long life construction and covering Mid wing Open cockpit Curved turtledeck, engine cowl and prop spinner Truss landing gear standard Easily removable wings 5 gallon fuselage tank 28-30 HP single-cylinder engine Outstanding short field performance
1030F Performance Top speed
63 mph
Cruise speed 55 mph Stall speed 26 mph Vne 90 mph Climb rate 650 fpm Take-off Roll 150 ft. Landing Roll 180 ft. 1030F Specifications Build time
300-350 hours
Engine Hirth F-33, 28 HP Fuel Capacity 5 Gallons Flight controls 3-Axis Wingspan 25" Wing area 112.5 sq. ft. Length 16" Height 5" Empty weight 250 lbs. Gross weight 500 lbs. Design load factors +4.4 -1.8 G Sorry, I did more research and corrected my information..
Current date: 2017-04-21