“Please see the description for details” Monnett Sonnerai II CC Parts Store cyclecentralinc (481 ).

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“Please see the description for details”
Make: Monnett Sonnerai II

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We have a Monnett Sonnerai II Experimental aircraft for sale, Registration # N9028F. There is a You Tube Video available that was posted December 10 2010 by a previous owner. Sonerai II walking around with engine running = what you search on You Tube. We acquired this aircraft from the private owner and are now putting it on the market. It appears to be complete and functional. we did run the engine about a year ago, It has been stored in a temperature controlled warehouse since we have had it and by the looks of the plane, It was not subjected to the elements very much in its life. All of the hand controls seem to perform their function OK ,The body does have some flaws ( Please see the group of photos) Photo 1 = Right Front Patch , Photo 2 = Right Rear Body , Photo 3 = Right Rear Flap Tail , Photo 4 Top of Tail , Photo 5 = Left Mid Body, Photo 6 = Left Flap Edge , Photo 7 = Left Flat Tail
Piper PA-32R-300 , Model A40FEE , Lycoming T10-540 SER Engine, 310 HP Thrust , Registration # N3609Q , It has been flown in the past couple of years, Other than an inspection / certification, It looks like it is ready to fly. This particular plane is easy to research as far as history and ownership. We do have all of the available log books for this aircraft. I do see an entry from a sworn judge in 1985 that the previous log books had been lost. I do not know how recently this plane has been airborne, The "idle" time was due to purpose of flying rather than any issues with the aircraft. September of 2013 was the last annual inspection and was supposedly flown in 2014. This aircraft is available for your inspection, However, since it stored in an off site airport hanger , We will need to plan and schedule your inspection(s) with as much lead time as possible. As I was researching this aircraft, I found that it is comparable to a Cessna 206 or 210 or a one engine Seneca, One of the advantages of this plane is has better performance and retractable landing gear. I am quite far from an expert, but it appears to be all complete and of sound condition. Please feel free to pepper me with questions and I will do my best to provide you with the details and/or photos that you require.
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