1966 Mooney Dependable Fuel injected, IFR capable Mooney. 150kts on 10gph, flown weekly. Electric.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1966
Make: Mooney
Dependable Fuel injected, IFR-capable Mooney. 150kts on 10gph, flown weekly. Electric step mod, speed mods, digital tach, LED beacon and landing light. Annual completed in September 2018.
Compressions in the 60’s.
Airframe TT 4915, Engine 515 SMOH (Pen Yann) in 2006.
Complete logs going back to test flight at the factory. I’ve been told there was a gear up landing in the 70’s, and there are some hail marks on the ailerons. Other than that no damage.
Interior 7, exterior 6.
Radios work well, GPS has some dead spots in the screen but functions. I have another one you can swap screens with. Database expired by Garmin still updates them.
Electric gear, hydraulic flaps. New mixture cable last week. Right tank resealed in October or November.
I fly this airplane to commute from Long Beach to San Diego, but have bought a Lancair so the Mooney must go. Low reserve.
Buyer can pick up in Long Beach, CA Or I will deliver for cost of fuel and flight home over a weekend.
Email with questions, I’ll send pics of logbook entries etc.
Current date: 2018-12-31