“Wings, gear, windscreen, canopy, and much more are new. Fuselage and control surfaces 150 hours.” T.

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“Wings, gear, windscreen, canopy, and much more are new. Fuselage and control surfaces 150 hours.”
Model Year: T-18 Make: Thorp
Nearly completed T-18 Thorp Project! Lycoming O320-E2D 160 HP (150 SMOH) Aymar-DeMuth Wood Cruise Propeller Aux wing fuel tanks, approximately 43-47 gallons total Dynon EFIS panel with Autopilot Personal circumstances require the sale of this beautiful T-18 project. I built and flew a T-18 in the early ‘90’s for about 150 hours, and then stored it while I raised a family. During that time I pickled the engine and stored everything in a dry, concrete floored hangar. Over the years I went through the process of building a new T-18 using the fuselage and control surfaces of the original. This project has entirely new wings, gear, windscreen and canopy, and instrument panel. Included are many extra parts, all plans, and all the T-18 newsletters. This is a standard wing, standard fuselage T-18 with notable upgrades and modifications. The philosophy was to create low drag, efficient airframe with ease of maintenance and access. Wings are .032 skinned (.025 original), using 3/32 rivets at half spacing. This was done to achieve a smoother and stronger airfoil than the original, lowering drag and increasing efficiency (faster!). · Auxiliary wing fuel tanks were created in the leading edge sections of the outer wing panels. The skins were pro-sealed to the spar and ribs to create a sealed space for fuel (similar to the RV’s). The result is an estimated 9 gallons in each wing panel, bringing the total usable fuel to an estimated 43-47 gallons. The fuel design still uses gravity fee from the main fuselage fuel tank to the engine. The wing tanks gravity feed to a transfer pump in the fuselage, that transfers the fuel to the main tank. Check valves and pressure cutoff switch ensure safe and efficient transfer of fuel. · Floor board is hinged to allow access to instrument panel from beneath aircraft. Tired of climbing in upside down to get behind the panel. The floor board has been hinged to allow it to swing down and allow access. · Baggage compartment cutout. · Thicker 3/8” windscreen and canopy to reduce noise and increase bird impact resistance. · Van’s airbox with low drag cowl modifications · Dynon FlightDEK-D180 EFIS/EMS is lightly used with all harnesses and wiring. New AP74 Autopilot module with a pair of new in box SV32 Servos (yet to be installed). GPS/COMM/TRANS. Standard and Lenmo (aircraft powered) headset plugs. This has the potential to be an eye catching, fast aircraft that will give your buddies a run for their money. I will continue to work on the project during the sale process and eventually fly it. Obviously, at that point it will be worth a lot more. I will not part out the project, I will not finance, and I am not interested in trades. You will buy the project as an amateur built aircraft project with no airworthiness certificate. You pick up at 0TX1 in Granbury, Texas. Sold as is with no written or implied warranties. Buyer will hold harmless the seller from any loss. Bill of sale and hold harmless at point of sale. Non-refundable deposit required within 48 hours.
Thorp Description and Inventory· Historyo Plans serial number 411o Standard body and wingso All mods completedo All plans and Thorp newsletters included, alone with a bunch of extra partso First flew in 1991. o Stored in 1994 after approximately 150 hours of flight time§ Always stored in concrete floored hangar§ Engine pickled and stored§ Extensive modifications and work over the years· New wings with .032 skins and fuel in outer panels· New Dynon instrument panel· New tig welded aluminum tank· New thicker canopy and windscreen· New Aymar Demuth wood cruise prop with harmonic balancer· Baggage compartment cutout· Hinged floor panel to allow access to instrument panel from beneath the aircraft· Fuesalage (Approximately 150 hours)o Standard T-18 with Rattray cowling modified for Van’s airboxo Rattray wheel pantso New pair of Van’s pressure recovery wheel pantso Canopy guide locks near aft railo Baggage compartment cutout o Floorboard in front of spar is hinged to allow access behind instrument panel without climbing inside and upside downo 25-27 gallon main fuselage tank is tig welded aluminum with instrument panel cutout. Wing tanks transfer to this tank via electric fuel transfer pump with pressure cutoff to avoid over filling. Currently fitted with ultrasonic fuel sender.o Insulated interior o Orndorff upholstered seats with three sets of cushion – Two sets thick, one set thin. Upholstered panels with lots of extra fabric and carpeto Fresh air it ducted from NACA ducts on lower wingso S –tubes to center control stickso Custom control grips with “coolie hat” pitch and roll electric trim switches§ Pitch trim with electric motor behind baggage compartment§ Roll trim with Mac servoo Left hand throttle and mixture controlso Whelen strobe pack in tail, mounted on vertical stabilizer with LED tail lighto Tapered rod tail wheel assembly with Van’s tail wheelo New main gear assemblyo Cleveland Wheels and brakeso PPG polyurethane enamel was sanded down and primed using Variprime· Wings (All new)o New spars, ribs, skins, etc.o .032 skin (.025 original), increases strength and smooth airfoilo 3/32 rivets at half spacing, increases strength and smooth airfoilo Wet outer wing panels§ Three leading edge compartments in front of main spar in both outer wing panels. Six total§ Sealed with proseal§ Fuel pickups, fuel caps, access panels all installed and ready for final installation § Wing tanks gravity feed to electric transfer pump in fuselage, transferring fuel to main tank§ Check valve prevent unwanted transfer. Fuel pressure cutoff switch prevents transferring into full main tank§ Estimating 9-10 gallons per wing panel, for 43-47 gallon total usable fuelo Rattray wingtips with LED position lightso Variprimed· Instrument panel and electricso Everything installed and bench tested. Quick connect plugs used where able to allow easy integration into aircrafto Everything is grounded in one location (forest of tabs) to reduce ground looping noise. o Dynon FlightDEK-D180 ($3400)§ Used but in excellent condition (150 hours). All harnesses included§ Set up for 4 cyl Lycoming with Carburetoro Dynon AP74 Dedicated Autopilot Interface (New $450)o Dynon SV32 Autopilot Servos X 2 (New $750 each), Servo mounting kit X 2, not yet installedo Garmin GNC-250XL GPS/Comm refurbished with antenna ($1995)o Narco AT150 Transponder with antenna ($700) 150hourso Intercom Troll Avionics HyperVox HV-1 – Newo Ameri-King AK-450 ELT with remote on panelo B&C LR2 voltage regulatoro Panel lightso Powder coated with custom panel labelingo Set up for Left Impulse Magneto, Right Electronic Ignition (electronic ignition not included)o Standard and Lenmo (aircraft powered) headset plugso Piper plug on lower fuselage allows jump start and charging· Firewall Forward (150 hours)o O320-E2D 160HP§ 150 hours SMOH by Barrett Performance§ 8.5:1 pistons 160HP§ Doweled case§ Chrome cylinders§ Flow balanced cylinders§ Pickled in 1994 and stored on the airframe in hangar. Turned over regularly, and re-lubedo Carburetor: Marvel Schebler MA-4SPA with Van’s airboxo Left Magneto: Slick 4271 Impulse Coupledo Right Ignition: Set up for electronic ignition of your choosingo Oil Cooler: Niagra 20002A 455-165o Starter: Sky-Tec 149-12LSo Alternator: Duralast 14824 55ampo Barry Controls engine mounts o Remote oil filtero Air/oil separatoro Racing fuel filter/sumpo Electric fuel primero Gravity feed fuel backed up with electric Facet fuel pumpo Viscous ring harmonic dampenero Billet Aluminum propeller extensiono New Aymar-DeMuth Wood Cruise Propellero Viscous harmonic dampener mounted on started ring o New Fiberglass Van’s Spinner
Current date: 2018-07-12