“AS IS, incomplete aircraft. Needs Engine and Instruments.” Rutan 1978 Varieze N78SP built 1978.

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“AS IS, incomplete aircraft. Needs Engine and Instruments.”


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Varieze N78SP built 1978, flew 130+ documented hours by logbook. Previous owner started rebuild and gutted engine and instruments. Added Oregon Aero leather seats and some nice sticks, removed most of the paint. The aircraft needs to be refinished and wired and engine installed. I have an extra set of cowlings, as well as a canopy (unknown condition on the canopy as it is covered in goo still). I also have the plans and some of the original templates and a few old steam guages. I bought it several years ago when our family was 2 and now we are 4! Oops. Wing attach fittings look fine as far as I can tell. Has been kept indoors. Dusty but dry. Needs engine and instruments and refinishing to fly.
Current date: 2014-10-08