You are bidding on this ready to fly Bensen Gyrocopter. This Bensen Gyroglider kit was purchased in.

Item specifics
Condition: Used
You are bidding on this ready to fly Bensen Gyrocopter. This Bensen Gyroglider kit was purchased in 1982. The Ken Brock 1835cc VW conversion was then purchased in 1985. I do not know when the Heron tail was built and installed.
When I purchased the Gyro it had the original Brock prop that came with the kit. The guy I bought it from weighed about 220 and said the gyro would not fly because of his weight so he ended up buying another Bensen with a larger engine and this one sat in the hangar with a sheet over it. After rebuilding the engine and doing a thrust test, I could not get enough thrust out of it to fly. After I replaced the 50X20 Brock prop with a 52X28 Tennessee prop, I had all the thrust it needed. Because of the prop issue, I believe this Gyrocopter never flew until last fall. The video of the test flight with a 230 LB. pilot can be seen on youtube, look for Volkswagon powered gyroplane test flown at Wrens and it should pop up there.
The gyro has a set of Pheonix Rotorcraft extruded aluminum blades and my test pilot with his 20 years of experience says they are the smoothest blades he has ever flown. I purchased these used with 30 hours on them. Since the video I have also installed an electric pre rotator so no more need to hand start the blades.
Also included is the trailer that the gyro is sitting on in one of the pictures. It was designed around the gyro and sits very low to the ground for easy loading and unloading. In the picture you should be able the see the blade box loaded onto the trailer, ready for transport.
The instrumentation is very basic. It has an Airspeed indicator and a rotor tach. But in the picture of the extra parts you will see a pod that was mounted on the gyro when I purchased it. It includes some engine monitoring gauges should you choose to reinstall it. Not pictured is a box of manuals and prints that came with the gyro, along with the original receipts.
Payment must be made within 7 days of auctions end and will be CASH at time of PICK-UP. Please understand that Paypal taking a percentage of my money to make things convenient for someone else is not the same as cash in my hand. Also understand that I have no interest in shipping this and will not be responsible for anything once it rolls out of my driveway.
As I have no way to stop jokers that like to bid on things they have no intention of buying, so if you are a serious bidder and do not win the auction, please watch for second chance offers. If the winning bidder happens to be some 12 year old that likes to play on mommy"s computer, and so often on eBay that is the case, you may still have a chance to win. I have in the past and will use the second chance offer to complete a sale.
Current date: 2017-05-14