1971 Beech General Specs (cont.) N500YE, S N TC 1399, B55Total Time:3,604Engine 1 Overhaul.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1971
Make: Beech
General Specs (cont.) N500YE, S/N TC-1399, Model B55Total Time:3,604Engine 1 Overhaul Time:1,042 SFRMEngine 2 Overhaul Time:486 SFRMCondition:UsedFlight Rules:IFR
Avionics / EquipmentEquipped with Garmin GDL-69 Weather Data Unit, Garmin GA-35 Weather Antenna S-TEC 60-2 Autopilot Garmin GPS-400W (WAAS) GPS/Color Moving Map Garmin GMA-340 Audio Panel/Intercom with Marker Mid Continent MD-41-538 Annunciator Panel King KCS-55A Compass System King KI-525 H.S.I. King KX-165 Nav/Com #1 w/GS King KT-74 ADS-B Transponder Radio Master Switch Airspeed Indicator Vertical Speed Indicator Altimeter Electric Turn & Bank Indicator RPM/Tachometers EGT Gauges Magnetic Compass Gyro Suction Gauge King KA-51 Slaving Accessory King KI-206 Nav Indicator King KX-165/Nav/Com #2 w/GS JPI FS-450 Fuel Flow Horizon Astro-Tech LC-2 Digital Chronometer Fuel Quantity Indicators Load Indicators Manifold Pressure Gauges Push-to-Talk Buttons (Both Yokes) Garmin 496 with AIR GIZMO Mount Oil PSI/Oil & Cylinder Temp Gauges Dual Glide Slope Receivers FEATURES Beacon/Nav/Landing Lights 24-Volt System Push-To-Talk Buttons on Yokes Electric Flaps/Flap Position Indicator Hour Recorder Cabin Heat Forward Baggage Area Static Wicks Aux Fuel Tanks Cowl Flaps Elevator/Rudder/Aileron Trim Gear Status Lights Tow Bar Leading Edge Tape on Wings/Stab Antenna Jack for Hand Held Radio Induction Air Filters Rosen Sun Visors Large Cargo Door Dual Control Yokes OAT Probe & Gauge Electric Trim on Pilot Yoke A/P Disengage on Pilot Yoke Instrument Lights Overhead/Cabin Reading Lights Pitot Heat Extended Rear Baggage Polished Spinners Overhead Ventilation Nozzles Cowl Plugs Aileron & Elevator Tab Indicators Courtesy Step & Handle Stall Warning System Solar Window Inserts External Power Receptacle Vortex Generators Sky Ox Portable Oxygen Kit Telex Microphone Ameri-King AK-450 ELT 135 Gallons Fuel Capacity 1754 lbs. Useful Load Arm Rests Head Rests Cargo Net Optional 5th Seat Pitot CoverAirframe3604 Total TimeEngines / Mods / PropENGINES - 260-HP, 1500-Hour TB0
Left: Continental IO-470-L21B, S/N 297944-R Installed MAY 2000, 1042-SFRM 2016 Compressions: 1. 70/80, 2. 60/80, 3. 72/80, 4. 62/80, 5. 70/80, 6. 66/80 2015 Compressions: 1. 74/80, 2. 60/80, 3. 76/80, 4. 65/80, 5. 71/80, 6. 68/80
Right: Continental IO-470-L21B, S/N 298345-R Installed JAN 2008, 486-SFRM 2016 Compressions: 1. 70/80, 2. 65/80, 3. 66/80, 4. 62/80, 5. 70/80, 6. 62/80 2015 Compressions: 1. 71/80, 2. 71/80, 3. 73/80, 4. 72/80, 5. 75/80, 6. 71/80 PROPS – Hartzell 3-Blade/Constant Speed Model PHC-3CYF-2UF/FC, Hub S/N EB3423A & EB3422A Installed in 1993 Left: 1604-TTSN/Right: 1604-TTSNInterior / ExteriorExterior: White Base, Red & Gold Trim, Rated 7/10. Interior: Tan Leather Seats with Matching Sidewalls & Dark Blue Carpet, White Headliner & Trim, Rated 7/10.Remarks5100 lbs. Gross Weight 1754 lbs. Useful Load 3346 lbs. Empty Weight Flight time between Annuals: 2014 – 2015: 33 hours 2015 – 2016: 127 hours 2016 – 2017: 64 hours1983: Landing Incident. Repairs Documented in Detail. See Aircraft Records. LH Elevator Overhauled August 2014 Due to Hangar Rash Recorded in Aircraft Logbooks Annual Due: APR 2017. THE AIRCRAFT IS CURRENTLY OUT OF ANNUAL. IFR Certification Due: NOV 2017 Complete LogsAircraft located/based at KJZI Airport, Charleston, SC USAAIRFRAME LOG #1: here LOG #2: here ENGINE LOG: here ENGINE LOG: here PROP LOG: here PROP LOG: here FORMS: here FORMS/STCs: here #2: here #3: here of the above specifications are subject to verification by the purchaser.
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