1953 YAK 18 This is1946 original Chinese Yakolev Yak 18 with original Shevtsov M 11 FR 1 5 cylinder.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1953
Make: YAK 18
This is1946 original Chinese Yakolev Yak 18 with original Shevtsov M-11 FR-1 5 cylinder radial engine basically a copy of the US Kinner 55-56 radial engine. 800 hrs TT on engine, 2300 hrs on airframe. sorry it was listed at first as 1953 with was incorrect. This is a tail wheel 2 seat tandem military basic trainer used by the Russian and Chinese Air Forces. This one is from China with all original logs in Chinese. Have all the aircraft manuals in French and English. Paint is perfect and in Chinese markings, cockpit all original in Chinese markings,all gauges work original Chinese radios, 300 lb air tank that does not leak that operates brakes ,flaps, engine start. prop is constant speed ground adjustable copy of the Aeromatic type prop with counter weights.Fabric on wings only 10 years old done exactly as Chinese did it , fabric on tail feathers only 3 years old. Fuselage is all metal anodized with metal covering back to rear cockpit , fabric from there to the tail. wing span 33ft 9.5 inched length 26 ft 5.5 inches height 7 ft weight 1,665 empty. this is one of only 5 examples flying today. flew a year ago but is started and run regularly. Experimental category aircraft. Always hangared in mint condition. Located at Pine Mountain lake airport Groveland Ca. There are no spare airfame or engine parts with this airplane but the engine manufacturer is still in business. Airplane is out of annual but can be licensed and put in annual for an additional fee .
Current date: 2021-07-10