Boeing 1966 Thank you for visiting my auction.All of the proceeds of this auction are a donation to.

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Condition: Used Make: Boeing
Model Year: 1966
Thank you for visiting my auction.All of the proceeds of this auction are a donation to the Louisville Naval Museum. They are a 501(c)(3) and will issue a letter to the winning bid for the winning amount. Shipping will be in addition to the donated amount. The Louisville Naval Museum needs money for repairs to their P520 WWII rescue boat. It is 85" long with a mahogany hull, displaces 52 tons and is in need of repair.
This Right Hand (as seen from the pilots seat) leading edge is a beautiful piece. We took the former Braniff/Forbes VIP airplane out of service and have been placing the parts in good homes. We are hoping someone will think of something beautiful to do with the wing leading edges. This auction is just for the RH leading edge. If you look at the last photo with the Leading edge devices hanging, that is the area that is being offered. The Leading Edge Devices are not with this piece, that area has just been left open. The components are mostly still up on the front wall of the wing box. I cut this piece and left the forward wing box attached to it and about 2" of wing top plate. This piece is about 18" long, has one small dent that was worked out and the airplane was operated like that. This leading edge is in much better condition than most. I didn"t weigh it but I would make an educated guess at about 300 lbs. I can pick it with a dynamometer if it matters. I can also cut it to customer specs at no charge. The museum is trying to raise $7k for repairs. A pic of the boat is attached. It is the boat that was used in the remake of McHales Navy. I"ve been on it and it"s a sweet ship, twin Detroit Diesel V12s. The Forbes pic is thanks to Fergal Goodman at you again for visiting my auction.
Current date: 2021-06-02